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  1. mcmullag

    Less tippy brush fire truck

    I saw this truck in the staging area of a parade in Canon City, CO I was doing May 5th. Talked to the driver and said it does really well offroad, holds 1,000 gallons of water. Thought maybe it would help to broadcast this idea around the country. If I understand it correctly, they fabricate...
  2. mcmullag

    Deuce got trucked to parade yesterday

    Did a parade yesterday in Canon City, CO which is about 60 miles of state highway drive at least, each way from here. My friend's fire engine that he got this past winter has a top speed of 45 mph due to the way it is geared in the rear axle so he borrowed this drop deck trailer from a friend...
  3. mcmullag

    Labor Day Parade today

    Did a parade today in Fountain, CO with the Pikes Peak Marine Corps League. Bulldogmack13 and his family just moved back to town and rode along with me. At the end of the parade, the Young Marines who had been marching in front of our entourage, jumped in my truck for a ride back to the starting...
  4. mcmullag

    Vehicle on Display

    I had my truck on display this weekend at a city park in Colorado Springs. The event is called Springs Spree. Kind of a small fair/carnival kinda deal. Must have had about 150 kids sit in the cab over two days with their parents taking pics. This is a military town so also had lots of guys in...
  5. mcmullag

    deuce recovery 9/29/10

    Sorry no pics from today but just wanted to give a shout-out to Crash_AF for helping me recover my new-to-me deuce today. Joe met me at Ft. Carson today with his 1 ton CUCV and I was driving my current deuce. We used his slave cable and his pickup to jump start the new beast after I checked the...
  6. mcmullag

    EUC clearance time for prior buyers

    What is the deal with Batttlecreek, MI office? Put some more people on staff or sumthin. I am waiting so I can go pick up a new to me deuce with winch. I have people that want to buy my current deuce now but I need a truck for displays with the local Marine Corp League so I cannot yet sell my...
  7. mcmullag

    Front axle lubing thangs

    Today I tried to did right and lube me front knuckles or whatever you call them. I loosened/took-out the allen headed things on the right side and pumped my guts out with the hand greaser thing but nothing came out them there holes. How much does it take? a full cartridge? On the other...
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