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  1. dodgedougak

    M37 Drivers seat adjustment sliders

    Spent quite a while searching the archives and don't find this info.... The plywood base of the drivers seat was completely rotted. I was able to get all the rusty carriage bolts out from around the edge of the plywood. When trying to get the nuts off of the studs that hold the slider tracks...
  2. dodgedougak

    M2A1 half track questions

    I am looking at one running White(?) M2A1 half track with winch. It is rough but was running a year ago, drive train is complete. Rear armor is missing, windshield and a bunch of other stuff is "farmerized" . Owner also has a couple of parts M2A1's that have been stripped of a lot of parts...
  3. dodgedougak

    WTB M38A1 fuel pump

    I am looking for an original fuel pump with primer lever for my '53 M38A1. It can be a rebuild or a core. All I can find are civilian type replacement pumps. Please email me at with info, pictures, price, etc. Thanks Doug
  4. dodgedougak

    Can anyone ID this Dodge chassis?

    This appears to be a WWII? Dodge chassis with center fold hood and flat fenders. The rest of the sheet metal is gone. Drive train is intact (probably frozen up). Check out the pictures.
  5. dodgedougak

    Hyster 4000 lb forklift, gas or LPG, any info on model, weight, etc.?

    I am told this is an ex-military forklift. I am considering buying it, but have to travel to look at it. I am wondering about transport weight and other issues. Anyone know anything about these? See the picture
  6. dodgedougak

    trailer from Iowa to Pacific NW

    I am considering buying an 18' flatbed trailer that is being built in Bancroft IA. Map shows that to be a little ways south of Minneapolis, MN. I would expect it to be available in the June 25 to July 1 timeframe. (I will know more about this tomorrow). It is an aluminum trailer and weighs...
  7. dodgedougak

    popping out of 4th gear

    Does anyone near Spokane have a good trans for my M35A2? I am going to need to go through mine, it is popping out of 4th gear. Call me at nine 0 seven 723-3709, thks
  8. dodgedougak

    freewheel axle flanges

    Here are a couple of pics of my modified front axle flanges. I turned out the spline area to an O.D. of 1.95". I shrunk in bronze bushing material and turned it out to an I.D. of 1.64". The major O.D. of the axle spline is 1.625". That gives me about 0.015 clearance for free running in...
  9. dodgedougak

    fuel pressure gauge

    Is anyone running a fuel pressure gauge on their multi-fuel? I am trying to figure out what pressure range to use. TM 9-2910-226-34 seems pretty clear at first 3 to 5 psi between the tank and the IP gear pump, then 60 to 80 psi between the IP gear pump and the hyd. head. Then the TM gets real...
  10. dodgedougak

    First tank WMO and engine quits!

    I tried my first tank of WMO blend today and engine shut down after three blocks. I filtered the WMO through 1 micron filter and water separator. Good looking batch of lube oil that came out of a CAT engine I manage. I mixed 20 gallons of WMO with 30 gallons of straight diesel. Engine has...
  11. dodgedougak

    photos of new used motor oil filter cart

    I finally got my UMO filter setup done. Here are the basics: The pump (a 115 volt boiler burner type pump) takes suction from the bottom of a horizontal barrel. It sucks the oil through a 10 micron Racor filter. The pump discharges to a Cot brand 1 micron cartridge filter. The discharge has...
  12. dodgedougak

    Finally putting the M37 back together

    I am finally started putting the Moose back together. I got the rebuilt springs, the stripped and painted frame and the stripped and painted axles going back together. I should have my rebuilt 4.88 differentials next week. They have to come from Seattle, by barge. Then I can bolt the diffs...
  13. dodgedougak

    M101A2 recovery from Anchorage, AK

    Recovery of two M101A2 trailers from Anchorage, AK A couple of months ago, I won two ¾ ton trailers on a GL auction in Anchorage. I was working, so a friend pulled the units from the base to his house. Anchorage is about 750 road miles, plus a 60 mile ferry ride from my home in Juneau. Early...
  14. dodgedougak

    Ft. Lewis viewing

    Just a thank you to Joyce at GL in Ft. Lewis, WA. It was my first visit to a base and a GL warehouse. Joyce was quite helpful in getting me onto the base and helping with finding what I was interested in. Bravo!
  15. dodgedougak

    Shifty driver "smiley"

    A while back SS had a "smiley" of a driver shifting gears. I love it and would like to have it available to use. It is not on the smiley menu any more, though it is still seen on some old posts. Is there a way to save this emoticon, or whatever it is? What format, how, etc. Can anyone help...
  16. dodgedougak

    It followed me home dear!

    I swear, or was it the stork that brought it to be with it's brothers the M38A1 and the M37. Well, she isn't buying it, but she is awful understanding about my MV disease. This M35A2 bobber was done by Alex at Idaho Motor Pool, great truck. It has air assist steering, air seat, air front...
  17. dodgedougak

    New rule at GL for trailers!!!

    I just bought 2ea. M101A2 trailers from GL Anchorage. When I checked on the EUC paperwork I was told that I did not need an EUC. Talking with Chris at GL Anchorage (he was very helpful, BTW) he said that (starting with this auction) these trailers are now considered Demil "A" not Demil "Q" and...
  18. dodgedougak

    M37 spring rebuild

    As part of my complete overhaul and repower of my 53 M37, Moose, I decided to send the springs to Seattle to have them checked out, an extra leaf added to the fronts (the new diesel engine is heavier than the old flattie) and have the eye bushings and pins checked out. The spring packs looked...
  19. dodgedougak

    Down to bare bones!

    Well, you can't take it down much farther! Now I can start rebuilding. Took this picture at my buddies where the frame is waiting for sandblasting. Then a couple of coats of POR15. I have received the parts for my disc brake setup, my power steering conversion, for resealing the axles...
  20. dodgedougak

    M37 door skin crack repair

    My passenger door has a long (8") crack that is starting to star out. I seem to remember you used to be able to get replacement door skins, but Vintage Power Wagon has none and I have not found anywhere else. The only repair I can think of involves drill stopping the cracks, using a backing...
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