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  1. mkcoen

    M100/M416 parts wanted

    I'm looking for a lunette for either a M100 or M416 and fenders for a M100. These parts only need to be serviceable as I'm simply trying to put a trailer back in general appearance condition and not a full restoration so no NOS or perfect parts as I really can't afford those right now and...
  2. mkcoen

    Price Check on a M100

    Looking at a Jan/53 M100. It's missing the fenders and the lunette has been cut off and a civy hitch welded on. Just curious as to the difficulty finding fenders and if the lunette can be replaced as a bolt on item or need to be welded. Would a M416 lunette be sufficiently correct? The back...
  3. mkcoen

    2019 TX MV Rally BUY/SELL/TRADE

    Since it doesn't appear that anyone has started an actual thread for the BUY/SELL portion of the Rally I'll just do it. I still have NIB Cab Reinforcement Panels for deuces. $100 and I'll deliver to the Rally. If you want one shipped it was running around $75 last time I shipped one (probably...
  4. mkcoen

    Is there an "edit" time limit on threads?

    Just tried to go back and edit the price in a classified ad and there was no edit option for the original post or the one following it. The 3rd and 4th could be edited so just wondering if there is a time limit (month wise) on edits? This is the 1st time I've had to edit something that's over...
  5. mkcoen

    Working on the FV1801A or Truck, 1/4 Ton, 4×4, CT, Austin Mk.1 AKA Austin Champ

    Well once again I'm starting a thread on working on a new vehicle. Here's a list of prior threads in case you're interested in my personal brand of madness:
  6. mkcoen

    Looking for Generator Mechanic in South/Central TX

    As the title says I’m looking for someone that can do some diagnostics and repairs on a couple of MEP gen sets. One is a 002A and one a 003A. Both are having fuel issues. The 2A can be delivered for repair but the 3A is positioned in such a way as I’d prefer not to have to move it.
  7. mkcoen

    What Shelter Is This?

    Trying to figure out the nomenclature on this shelter to find out it's weight. Owner can only say it has AN/MRR 6 which I'm guessing is what equipment it was used for. Measurements are 48" tall, 72" long, and 60" wide.
  8. mkcoen

    M116A2 Expedition Trailer Build

    Well I wasn't going to start this thread until I was a little farther along but I'm sitting in the parking lot of my Ortho, after breaking my kneecap, waiting for a ride so figured "why not?" I'm starting with a MEP002A generator trailer and want to build something like a Turtleback Trailer or...
  9. mkcoen

    German Wiesel

    Ok now I want one of these. When do they start surplusing them? I'd be happy with either the turreted main gun or the TOW set up.
  10. mkcoen

    MEP002A No Power Output and Guages Not Working

    A couple of years ago I bought a MEP002A for my inlaws. They picked it up and it's been sitting in their driveway getting started once a month but nothing else. FIL decided to hook it up to the house this weekend and said he was getting power to the accessory plugs and then shut the generator...
  11. mkcoen

    FMTV Circuit Breakers

    Checking all my lights this afternoon for the trip to pick up my new trailer and found I had no tail lights. I've had this issue before and by simply wiggling the CB for the tail lights they'd work until I left it sitting for a couple of days. Well I went to try this little trick and...
  12. mkcoen

    Big Bend NP Get Together?

    I've been looking at going to Big Bend National Park towards the end of Oct beginning of Nov and caught a couple of trail ride videos by Jeep clubs. I thought that would be a pretty wild thing to do with a group of LMTVs. Some of the reasons are selfish in that I'd like to do this with a group...
  13. mkcoen

    M1082 Air Lines

    I bought a M1082 out of Ft Hood today. It looks like the emergency air hose has been cut. Anyone have pics of how the air lines hook up on the trailer side? I'd like to have everything I need to swap it out before going to pick it up.
  14. mkcoen

    3 Batteries from El Paso to San Antonio

    I need 3 6TM batteries move from El Paso, TX to San Antonio, TX in the next 2 weeks. Anyone heading across I-10? I can meet anywhere from Ft. Hood to Houston.
  15. mkcoen

    Member Recognition - NDT

    I wanted to take this opportunity to publically thank NDT for all his help in the recovery of my M1078. Not only did he drive from south of Houston, TX to Ft Polk, LA in a monsoon to tow the vehicle to his shop but then he spent over a month diagnosing and repairing a plethora of issues from a...
  16. mkcoen

    Working on the M1078 LMTV

    Well once again I'm starting a thread on working on a new vehicle. Here's a list of prior threads in case you're interested in my personal brand of madness:
  17. mkcoen

    P-51 Crash in Dallas - 2/3/2016

    Pilot is okay but substantial damage to the Mustang.
  18. mkcoen

    GP Selling Private Items?

    I know GL sells items for private individuals but does GovPlanet do that as well? The reason I'm asking (not discussing a future auction though) is noticing a vehicle that appears to be sitting in a residential driveway (looong driveway but still appears private). I'm a bit conflicted as to...
  19. mkcoen

    Tank Explosion In OR

    Anyone have any further info on this? Two fatalities inside the vehicle after blast on a public firing range. Looks like a Hellcat.
  20. mkcoen

    DUKW Crash Fatalities

    Two reported fatalities.
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