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  1. JoeJoe_91

    Fiberglass dashboard with speakers

    It has some imperfections, it rained the entire time I worked on it.
  2. JoeJoe_91

    CUCV M1009 Fuel lines

    I’ve been searching for new fuel lines, both supply and return. I just bought a new fuel tank, it was gunked up like you wouldn’t believe. The lines are the same, I’d rather buy new than clean the old. Any help would be appreciated, I couldn’t find anything on the original lines.
  3. JoeJoe_91

    Weird Alternator Wiring

    It works, so I haven’t messed with it aside from securing it to stop it from moving. Both alternator Positive wires are ran through the firewall connected to this.
  4. JoeJoe_91

    1986 K5 - M1009 Glow Plug Resistor Bypass

    I’ve read the posts, so I know the basics of what needs to be done. I just wanna be sure I don’t fry anything. Truck gives me hell when starting, I assumed glow plugs or something. I had my hand resting above the resistor, when I moved my hand hit the wire on the passenger side of the resistor...
  5. JoeJoe_91

    Sway Bar Extensions

    Does anyone know where I can get extensions for this type of setup? I’ve looked but only see the other types. It bolts to the leaf spring u-bolt plate, but now it’s about 2” away from bolting to the frame. Any suggestions?
  6. JoeJoe_91

    85 K5 Blazer / 6.2 DIESEL / m1009

    Just looking for some help, new owner of an 85 K5 Blazer / 6.2 DIESEL / M1009 CUCV Cranks up, idles, but blows out white smoke nonstop from both sides of the dual exhaust. My cousin said it COULD be the injectors, but I’ve also read that it COULD be the timing. The previous owner also put a 6”...
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