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  1. Suprman

    Transmission rebuild

    I usually pull the motor first on a parts truck. If a cargo truck its easier to do trans work with the bed off. Flywheel bolts, bell housing bolts, lines, driveshafts. There is a cross beam over it so you have to slide it back a bit and use straps to lower it down, spin it a bit to clear and...
  2. Suprman

    Parts Locator - 1998 Stewart M1088 Tractor

    The switch you can order from rome truck parts. Most switches are the same. The legend pops out and into the new switch. Most of the brake components are over the counter. I dont know which valve you are referring to though.
  3. Suprman

    MTV grounding issue

    Adding a couple big grounds isnt a bad idea. You can leave the shunt setup. It isnt hurting anything. You can add the big frame ground. If you want to eliminate the shunt, remove it and just ground the cables there.
  4. Suprman

    Albany GA pickup small item battery charger on a handtruck

    Ok thanks. That was last year. Wes got it for me. Will
  5. Suprman

    Transmission rebuild

    I have a good tested transmission here. Still in a truck though. Would be a few weeks before i could get it out. First gen trucks have 3 different variations of trans. Whats your truck year, serial and trans serial number?
  6. Suprman

    More CTIS questions...

    I think most of the green ones have the same part number. I have not found a way to differentiate between first and second gen other than plugging in and seeing if they communicate
  7. Suprman

    convert M1078A1 to Serpentine Belt?

    2k plus freight for a kit
  8. Suprman

    Who's gonna give this a try? :) (safe video)

    It may be a flooded road.
  9. Suprman

    On site gas POGS-10 field oxygen concentrator

    No I never figured them out. Sold them like they were.
  10. Suprman

    Allison Code 2511 Output Speed Sensor/ M1078

    No. input speed sensor on bellhousing by scav pump.
  11. Suprman

    CT Oshkosh MTVR 300 amp alternator kit

    300a 24v mtvr alternator kit. New old stock 2008. Has a new mount and intake tube bunch of other parts. I haven’t installed one don’t know much about it. 1300 plus shipping. Would have to go in multiple boxes.
  12. Suprman

    Engine down, blew out all the oil...

    Maybe a crack in the front cover of the engine by the compressor. And it sprayed out towards the compressor
  13. Suprman

    More CTIS questions...

    First gen controllers do not have the capability of communication. There is a second gen green one and the black ones are usually 3rd gen. I use an a1 truck to program them I can plug into the trucks diagnostic port to do it. Ones with 5 solid lights are usually fried from jump starting like I...
  14. Suprman

    More CTIS questions...

    I can program ctis. You can send it to me I can see what it does. Usually 5 lights is over voltage bricked from dead batts jump starting. That kills wtec3 tcms also. Which I can program too.
  15. Suprman

    Lighted display panel

    I have one here
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