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  1. Augdog1964

    Pintle extension using A2 Airlift reinforcement plate or not?

    Wondering if the Pintle Extension for the A2 bumper is required or supposed to have the A2 bumper reinforcement plate installed as well? The TMs aren't horribly clear with the diagrams... Thanks in advance!
  2. Augdog1964

    Milemarker hydraulic winch with ECV nose

    Hey all, I have a like new Milemarker hydraulic HMMWV winch with winchplate... however i'd like to do an ECV nose conversion to my M1123 before I mount the winch and ibis tek... SO that would require a special winch plate, and I'd guess custom hyd lines for the extra distance... Anybody...
  3. Augdog1964

    Source for 1/4 x 20 X-Door bolts - longer OAL, torx head?

    Hey guys, I have an M1123 and I had to drill out the nutserts, and put new in... as they had cut the original bolts off flush... no way to get them out. SO, since I put new nutserts in I want to reinforce the top hinge of the Supplemental Armor XDoors hinge... which will tie into the MAK armor...
  4. Augdog1964

    ID on turret hatch

    Hey guys, My expertise is traced armor... so I'm learning here... What type of hatch is this? It was sold to me with an HMMWV slantback kit... but online searches don't see to bring this type of for HMMWV installations. Thanks in advance...
  5. Augdog1964

    XDoors on M1123 that had MAK armor?

    Hey all, I have an M1123 which had MAK armor... As you can see, the places where the original Xdoor hinge would have been mounted has been filled... has anyone worked on this to put hinges for the XDoors on a MAK M1123? It doesn't appear to be a rivet, and it is hard to tell, but the original...
  6. Augdog1964

    Airlift Bumper Inner Braces

    Hey all, Need two sets of airlift bumper inner braces for an A2 airlift bumper... Does anybody have a source for original OEM?
  7. Augdog1964

    M1123 vs. M1045A2

    hey guys, I've been offered armored doors from an M1045A2 and want to know if they would fit my M1123... Thanks!
  8. Augdog1964

    A/C Disaster on my M1078

    Hey all, Well with a heavy load, under heavy articulation with the front right wheel, the tire snagged the lower AC hose to my RED DOT A/C, and broke it open venting all that wonderful coolant into the atmosphere... SO NOW, I'm trying to find the TM for installation of the unit, or see if any...
  9. Augdog1964

    Installation of Passenger Side Floor Insulation

    hey all, So does anyone have step by step instructions for removing and installing new passenger floor insulation (front)... looks like the heater box has to come out? I sure hope not... LOL
  10. Augdog1964

    Asperator / Resuscitator on my HMMWV?

    Ok here is the deal... M1038 I relocated the battery box to under the hood, and had new battery cables made. I'm going to be pulling out the battery box as I'm mounting new Isringhausen seats in all positions... SO I disconnected the ground block and pulled the wires off the back... starter...
  11. Augdog1964

    Educate me on HMMWV 6.5L GEP conversion?

    I have a 6.5 NA in my HMMWV and been seeing a lot about the 6.5L GEPs... What is involved in the conversion? What would I need? Searched YouTube and forums, lots of info post conversion... couldn't find anything about one...
  12. Augdog1964

    MK48 LVS/15A1 Hydraulic Pump Apparent Issue

    Hey all, Attached you will find a diagram from the Marine Corps TM 08780B-34 We are having problems with my Mk48, as we lost all hydraulic power, and steering... pump is still working but high pressure not working. Mechanic thinks the seals between the high pressure and low pressure system...
  13. Augdog1964

    Mk48/15a1 Crane issue

    Need advice guys... We've been using the Mk48/15a1 for work on all the tanks... SO we were using her to drop the tranny back in the T-55AM2, and bam... the Mk48 will not idle up to allow sufficient crane operation... someone has to sit in the cab and push the pedal to get the revs up... this is...
  14. Augdog1964

    Mk48 Wrecker accessories crates sold at Columbus OH yesterday

    Hey all, If one of you bought the three Mk48 Oshkosh wrecker crates, I really need one... My wrecker is complete except for the two huge chains that go to the A frame... I had a family emergency and while flying down the interstate for 6 hours, totally forgot about the auction... I'd gladly...
  15. Augdog1964

    New PT-76 Acquisition

    Hey all, Attached are pics of our newest acquisition, an amphibious PT-76 Russian tank... Its been a dream for a long time to acquire a PT-76, and the day finally came... Now despite an unload at 0 degrees, she's sitting in her new home! Now if we could locate an IS-3 and a T-64, our Soviet...
  16. Augdog1964

    HEMTT vs. Mk48 LVS Radiator

    Hey all... Well the HEMTT needs a new radiator, or at least the core... Does anyone know if the core out of a MK48 will work in the HEMMT? If not, anyone know where a HEMTT radiator can be found? Thanks!
  17. Augdog1964

    Busy Day with the Mk48/15a1

    Well after a year, we're putting the transmission back into the T-55AM2! The Mk48/15a1 proved yet again how incredibly useful and powerful she is... a few pics...
  18. Augdog1964

    Need a 5 ton Wrecker or 5 ton for Russian PT-76 Tank Recovery!

    Hey all, Anybody near McMinnville Oregon? I just bought a Russian PT-76 from the Evergreen Aviation collection... She hasn't run in 8 years, and I sure could use a 5 ton wrecker for winching her up on the removable gooseneck in the next month or so! Should be fun!?! Let me know....
  19. Augdog1964

    Tractor Protection Valve - M1078

    Hey all, rebuilt my TPV Valve today, as whenever I pressed the brake, it would literally drain the rear brake air reservoir, SO all new seals and stoppers, all back together... but now when I press the brake I still hear some air bleeding out the TPV. Is this normal? The compressor easily...
  20. Augdog1964

    LMTV Air Brake Issue...

    Hey all, Did a precursory look at the TM, and couldn't find this particular issue... When I press the brake (for instance at a stoplight), the rear brake set does not just dump air and lock, it continues to dump air. At a long light I start to lose system pressure as the system continues to...
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