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  1. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    MV of the Month August 2020

    Ok, OK, O'KAY ! ! ! I last submitted to nominating our 220KAK back in August of 2018. So, here it is two years later and again, I've been cajoled into nominating her again. (Don't you just love the tease?) But, I must admit, I don't have a lot of fresh campaign material to publish so I'm just...
  2. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    MV of the Month August 2020

    I'm taking the lead from real-world politics... Teasing as to whether or not to throw its hat into the ring. Maybe I should just wait and let it be a write-in candidate rofl All kidding aside... I just need to MAKE the time to post up its nomination. But right now, I am rather busy restoring...
  3. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    MV of the Month August 2020

    That makes TWO! WE HAVE A CONTEST ! ! ! Anyone else want to join the free-for-all?
  4. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    WTB: USAF Ford Econoline

    Now that you mention it, I agree.... but also could be wrong.
  5. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    MV of the Month August 2020

    Spoken like a real trooper. Maybe a SERGEANT at that! Now if I can only recall what month/year I entered our 220KAK 1960 vintage Box Van Trailer.... I might just re-nominate it this month.
  6. USAFSS-ColdWarrior you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    Thanks for sharing that Frank. Beautiful country! And, nice footage of some good flying.
  7. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    MV of the Month August 2020

    YAY! We have a race for August.... albeit a one entry race thus far. But at least Papabear will be enticed to hang around for a full feeding.
  8. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    MV of the Month August 2020

    Don't be discouraged, Soldier! Peelin' taters may not look like you're fighting the war, but if it weren't for your spud-skinnin' those on the front line won't last long at all. I applaud what by your efforts is a morale booster for our Membership. Yes, there are times that things get off to...
  9. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    MV of the Month August 2020

    PB, Is it ALIENS, or simply the overall climate of these times? (Political silence, Viral Lockdown, hermitage) All kidding aside, I'm hoping to see some very worthy MV's posted by some of the best MV enthusiasts there are, on the most awesome MV website in the world. Let the nominations BEGIN...
  10. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    WTB: USAF Ford Econoline

    I do not know its history. but remember asking why it carries out of state license plates... how long he'd had it, etc. My recollection is vague on his answers though since my "reality check" curbed my real interest in it. Nor did I get any closer to it than those photos show. We were on our...
  11. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    Ferret 38C5968

  12. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    WTB: USAF Ford Econoline

    I spotted this vehicle for sale in Eldorado, Texas back on Feb. 9, 2020 while passing through that little Texas city. Having too many irons in the fire already, my only pursuit was a single phone call to bring forth the reality that I don't have time for yet another vehicle project. I have no...
  13. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    1952 M135 W/Winch

    Merle and Jodi, Not to hijack this thread, but as we are learn in Ecclesiastes 3 there is a time for everything, and right now it's certainly time to pray.... Heavenly Father, Our brother Merle and his bride Jodi are calling on You and we join them in harmonious prayer with them, lifting them...
  14. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    M35A2 Glad Hand Valve

    Thank you !
  15. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    Another Oh-58

    Are you going to make her fly again? Or, just a sow piece?
  16. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    Deuce-LMTV Size Comparison

    So..... SIZE does matter, huh? There's just something about the "old school" M35 that I really like over the newer trucks.
  17. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    M35A2 Glad Hand Valve

    Have you taken it apart? Internals MIGHT be available from a local truck and trailer repair/parts shop.
  18. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    Messages from new members replying to wanted ads - PLEASE READ

    Thank you for enhancing security in this way.
  19. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    July 4th HMMWV Patriotic Showing

    Well done, Soldier!
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