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  1. Barrman

    M1009 Speedometer question

    Reach up behind the gauges and feel your way to where the cable meets the speedometer. You can look first, but your left hand will go by feel only. You will be able to feel the release to pop it off. Once off, you can pull the cable below the dash and work standing up.
  2. Barrman

    M1009 Speedometer question

    The gear in the 1122 picture is the one he was talking about.
  3. Barrman

    M1009 Speedometer question

    If just the square drive slot of the yellow gear is bad. Putting aluminum foil around the square end of the speedometer cable will work. However, you probably have a very high drag cable housing and more than likely a hard to turn speedometer. Pulling the cable out the speedometer end of the...
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