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  1. wsucougarx

    M1009 Antenna and Antenna Base

    It can but what a waste. You'll need to completely gut the antenna base out. An alternative is using the AB-15 antenna base for cb radio operation. The AB-15 uses a 3 sectional or more antenna system (MS-116a, MS-117a, MS-118a). You'll want to do a search to see what sections you'll need as...
  2. wsucougarx

    M1009 Antenna and Antenna Base

    Are you looking for a VRC-12 based antenna? If so, then the kit is know as the AS-1729 (base with antenna). The base in this setup is a MX-6707. I bought my 3 kits off ebay from a Company in Israel. Shipping from Israel to my doorstep was a mere 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny things there were...
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