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  1. profo

    Learning Aluminium

    3/64 is very large wire that should be used on 1/4" or better plate you would do alot better with some .035 or .030. With the 035 you can turn up voltage so you have good penetration and start slowing wire speed till you get the drunK bee sound.
  2. profo

    Learning Aluminium

    Just the slightest winds will give you splatter you may have to weld with the wind (going the same way as the wind by leaning gun in the direction of wind and turn up gas to about 40 cfm).
  3. profo

    Learning Aluminium

    It also looks like your running your wirespeed to fast or and you may have your welding voltage to high, what alloy are your using 5356 or 4042 cause high grade alluminum you need to use 5356 minimum. 100 percent pure argon shielding gas. approx 20 cfm And if your think its clean , clean it...
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