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  1. w250guy

    Truck info

    Is anyone on here still able to “decode” my truck for me? I have the registration number, the front bumper numbers and one of the bumperette numbers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. w250guy

    Help identifying wheels

    I’ve got a chance to pick up 6 wheels and tires but I want to make sure that what I’ll be getting will work. I’m not supper familiar with all the different combat wheels so some assistance in figuring out if these will work would be awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. w250guy

    No/little fuel to secondary and final filter

    So decided I’d give the old girl a little attention and low and behold doesn’t it blow up in my face as usual. Changed the oil and all the filters on it and now I can’t get fuel to the final filter, I have fuel at the primary and very little at the secondary. I could hear it starting to fill but...
  4. w250guy

    M35a2 idling funny

    So just got my in tank fuel pump working correctly by making some new plates/shims and a new cover plate with strainer. Also changed all the fuel filters. Turned the pump on and it was spewing fuel out of the bleeder within 15 seconds id say. Truck runs great but at an idle it will idle smooth...
  5. w250guy

    What deuce paint do you have?

    So im getting ready to paint the deuce and im wondering what make and color paint you used, ive got a 2012 ural all painted in 33070 lusterless OD and im pretty fond of the color, but i cant seem to find anyone who has painted a deuce with this color? I believe its the WW2 OD green but i could...
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