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  1. 155mm

    Tm M1062

    Looking for a tm, M1062 7500 gallon tanker. 9-2330-384-14 if you have it, could you upload it to the tm section please
  2. 155mm

    BOLO for stolen jeep tug

    If this isnt the correct category please move it. a friend of mine had a non runner jeep tug stolen, just a request for bolo
  3. 155mm

    AMi (M916 & M970) saved my parent house from a grass fire.

    I purchased/traded the M970 from M35A2-az and the M916 came from Ohio, specifically for water to fend off a fire until the real firemen can fight fire. Well today was the day she paid for herself. Last Monday, 19 Aug 19, I walked out on the porch before supper, happened to look to the North...
  4. 155mm

    M916 AIR schematic FO-17 needed

    Looked in all the TM's posted, used the search button, Reopened the ETM file and opened those files, still have not found any of the air schematic FO's in any digital form. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  5. 155mm

    M970 Trunnion flip for leveling purposes

    OK, its freezing time so AMi got drained to keep from freeze busting valves. Now is the time to do maintenance. Problem. Trailer runs uphill due to AMi being a M916 and not a M915 or M931, to the tune of about 13in difference front high. Attempted solution: 1600/20's, failed, tire is too...
  6. 155mm

    M916A0 (AMi) and spicer 1750 aux transmission

    So we went on another run earlier this week, only for a refill and just rough math in my head AMi gets about 4mpg at 55-58 mph. Also 55 is a bit slow going to a fire. She has no problems tanker yanking full to the top of water, so another .81 od behind an aux should get the top speed at 2100rpm...
  7. 155mm

    MEP 831a and NOCO G7200

    I am working on an 831 that has a faulty battery charging regulator, has anyone used a NOCO g 7200 in place of a bad battery charging regulator? Do you have to push the button everytime to select 24v when 120v is applied? All of the video's show that you have to push the button to select...
  8. 155mm

    Generator spacer dimensions

    Can someone get me the dimension for the generator spacer on a 60 amp? PN 12338186-20 nsn 5310-01-292-5354 Item 12 in photo
  9. 155mm

    unable to edit posts

    Did something change where we can no longer edit/add to posts?
  10. 155mm

    Columbus OH slave start Dec 13 2017

    Got a buddy going to pickup a truck, he is not computer literate. He may need a slave tomorrow noon time. He doesnt have slave cables, but he does have jumper cables. Location is City of Columbus storage yard, 4211 Groves Rd
  11. 155mm

    MEP 805B 806B screen dim/bright tool build

    Going to start on the build for a tool to lighten and darken the screens on the 5/6B's. Finally got the cable from China I am probably going to use a waffer board to backup, the terminals are open on the back of the breakout board. The pour potting material over the whole thing to dummy (155mm)...
  12. 155mm

    MEP 016B being abused to 9KW

    Today was a cool but nice day to be outside so I thought I would take the opportunity to load test a 3kw, mep 016b, before it gets shipped to Montana. I have it set up running 3ph, 120/208 for the load testing load surge to 6kw load surge to 9Kw...
  13. 155mm

    GL make an off event

    Just killing some time this morning and thought I would check out GL make an offer event. There is some stuff there that we all would look at bidding on, there is a small catch, bidding doesnt open for 232 days. Yeah I am pretty sure I will have forgotten about it by then. Does anyone have a...
  14. 155mm

    Load Bank 0-33kw UMC PLB type 33 nsn 6625-01-070-5283

    Load bank , AC 0-33kw resistive P/N 7478 NSN 6625-01-070-5283 Contract DAA01-78-c-1631 UMC Electronics Co PLB type 33 TM date August 1979 I guess this tm has been unobtanium, well not anymore. No extra charge for the coffee stains
  15. 155mm

    Estimate for 5T repair

    Request for estimate of repair for a M931A2 that was rear ended hard. Rear diff housing, transfer, bell housing broken, looks like a new oil leak between eng and tranny, but not hanging out under a motor with broken bell housing. Photos can be provided...
  16. 155mm

    Assistance finding someone to give repair estimates for 5T

    If you dont know what happened, here is the thread, Their insurance company is at a loss on getting my truck repaired or totaled. They are saying, oh we absolutely have to have an estimate for repair...
  17. 155mm

    Lexus vs M931 bobtailed, got rear ended

    Slowing from highway speed to turn on dirt road, and got tagged pretty hard. So now we have a broke truck. Will start making insurance calls in the morning after the adrenaline wears off.
  18. 155mm

    Wife is now a green iron believer

    We had a spring snow storm this past weekend, and lost power. I have a small 6K comm'l gas genny that we use for those times when we expect our electricity to be off for a short amount of time. It works great to keep the heater and wifi going, but about nothing else. Electricity went off about 5...
  19. 155mm

    MEP 804B filters

    MEP 804A filters I didnt find any post that has listed the filters for a MEP 804A, so I spent a few hours on research. oil filter. pn. 8-97024607-1 nsn 2940-01-493-4533 Donaldson P551264 fuel filter on motor in the metal can. pn ut6404 part of kit 587810-0090, Donaldson P550673...
  20. 155mm

    #3 The smoker, MEP 005A

    Well while I was waiting on parts for #2, I thought I would just tinker with #3 (mep 005A on a ROWPU, thanks 98G) and see if I could unstick a motor that wouldnt turn with a very long breaker bar. Well since it was a no go on turning over, I opened the valve cover and found 2 valves stuck, so...
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