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  1. Needle

    Starting and Shutting down a T34-85 - Need advice

    I need to move the T-34 next week, and its been quite a while since I last drove it (by quite a while, I mean years). Need some help/advice. Starting: 1) Batteries are good and connected. 2) Main power switch on passenger side is engaged. 3) Pre-oiler is run. 4) Hand pumped pressure to fuel...
  2. Needle

    Univis 47 - Oil for Oilgear Turret Traverse on Sherman Tank - Question

    Will be doing an overhaul on the Sherman tank turret traversing system this winter, and the manual for the Oilgear system specifies the use of "Oil, Hydraulic, Univis 47". Anyone know what the spec is for this Univis 47, and the name of a modern equivalent? I will need about 1 gallon. Thanks...
  3. Needle

    MV addiction bites again. Another tank.

    1944 T34/85. Operational but needs some clean-up and TLC.
  4. Needle

    Russian T34 Tank. Rubber track pads?

    Were rubber track pads ever created for the T34 tank tracks. If so, were they just bolted on where the ice cleats would normally be fitted? Anyone ever fitted rubber track pads to the track on a T34 tank? If yes, where did you get the rubber pads? Does anyone still make them. Just...
  5. Needle

    DUKW water pump info needed.

    Having a problem with the engine water pump on the DUKW. Engine is a GMC 270 straight 6. Water pump is leaking. I need to either replace with new, or get the old one rebuilt. Anyone have any leads on any of the following: 1. Actual part number, and/or equivalents. ( I can't find my SNL G-501...
  6. Needle

    DFW URGENT - Need WWII Jeep Addison TX 9/18

    Help. Is there anyone in the Dallas area that has a WWII Jeep available at short notice for some film work at Addison airport at about 1:30pm tomorrow (Sunday September 18, 2011)? National Geographic are filming a documentary about the B-29 bomber, and will be using the CAF B-29 bomber FIFI...
  7. Needle

    My Labor Day weekend MV ride was a former military vehicle:-P "My ride" to an event that included MVs on 3rd September 2011. (For this flight I just reclined in the back and let the chauffeur do all the work)
  8. Needle

    DUKW Death Wobble - Solution?

    Anyone ever experienced the dreaded death wobble - but on a DUKW (Not CUCV)? Within the last 6 months I have had 4 different drivers all experience the death wobble, and I cant seem to narrow down the problem. It normally occurs at about 35 to 40 mph, usually following a change of road...
  9. Needle

    What mdel trailer is this?

    OK...Quick quiz. What is the military designation of the trailer in the attached pictures? I think I know the answer, but I am not sure:lol: (Sorry for the poor quality, taken with a "not so stellar" camera phone)
  10. Needle

    Yet another use for an M915A1 and M871 trailer!

    What do you do when you need to jack up a seaplane? Can’t do it on the water. Jack keeps sinking, and mechanic can’t hold his breath long enough to operate the jack properly! Bring it ashore……then discover the jack is too short and can’t reach the underside of the wing. Answer….use a jack...
  11. Needle

    Looking for M871A1 parts source

    I have an M871A1 trailer made by Shoals. It is missing some parts on the front nose box that are part of the galdhand to air line connections. I have located most of the parts from local semi-trailer parts stores, but none of them are able to help me with the elbow pieces that connect to...
  12. Needle

    Best Tractor Trailer Combo for Tank

    Hi guys....relative newbie to SS here. I am currently researching the possible "acquisition" of a tractor/trailer combo for hauling a Sherman tank. I can drive the Sherman on the highway (it is registered in Texas), but at less than 1 mile to the gallon diesel, it gets real expensive, real...
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