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  1. TehTDK

    Editing in conversations

    Hi, The question might have been asked before, but why is editing in conversations not allowed?. I mean it looks terrible if you make some spelling or pasting errors and happen to click commit and can't edit it. Or being forced to make an additional post if you just have some stuff you want to...
  2. TehTDK

    ISO Bed on a M35??

    Not sure if the topic belongs here or in the other forum. But is it possible to get an ISO bed on a Deuce or is it too short or too light for that?. I am having thoughts about getting my hands on a 20' conex box and decorate it for living and such. The reason I want the ISO bed is so that I can...
  3. TehTDK

    Increasing the fording capabilites of the Deuce AND reducing the fording PMCS

    Just another of my random thoughts today. But is there some way to affordably make a Deuce more capable at fording without flooding the axles etc?. And at the same time cut down on all the PMCS that you will inadvertantly have to do with the stock axles, seals etc?. I don't own a Deuce yet but...
  4. TehTDK

    Which rims are being used on this M35?

    I just came across this youtube clip yesterday and thought the rims he was using actually looked pretty decent and different from what you see most other people using. Question is however, what rims it actually is. The clip in question is: Does any...
  5. TehTDK

    Question about titles etc?

    First of all I am not sure whether this is the right group for this question or not, but I will give it a whirl. 1: Is there a list off how many posts etc one needs to achieve to get more stars or a higher rank on this site?. I have tried looking for it but not with much luck as it is. 2: And...
  6. TehTDK

    Modern tire options if sticking with stock 10 wheel configuration?

    I don't have a truck yet, but being the person I am I tend to prefer to have all the details etc worked out before I actually stand knee deep in it :) I am hopefully looking at getting a M35A2 down the line but want to keep its stock 10 wheel configuration, but where does that put me wheel/tire...
  7. TehTDK

    Fuel filler cap lock?

    Hi and sorry if this question has been asked before which I figure it has ;). I have however tried to search for it without really get a lot wiser or closer to what I was looking for. Previously when I looked for security advice on how to lock down a deuce I came across someone who had made a...
  8. TehTDK

    How much Amperage/voltage goes through the master switch?

    Fellow SS'ers :) I am in the process of looking for a way to "lock down" the master switch. Lock down in such a way that no matter if you switch it on or off nothing electrical gets powered on, until the keyswitch I am going to install is turned to the right position. ie like this Master...
  9. TehTDK

    Proper working 4-way ignition switch, doable or stupid?

    Hey fellow steel soldiers, I know this subject has been asked and discussed a number of times but I haven't been able to find any single thread that actually dealt with keyed ignition starting in the manner that I would be looking to achieve.... if possible. When I land myself an M35 I plan...
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