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  1. mkcoen

    LMTV Alternator Disaster, engine now catastophic

    If you were on the east coast I'd say contact Suprman about an engine but that'd probably be pricey to ship across the country.
  2. mkcoen

    USMC the end of the tanks

    We were billeted with a Marine Tank Company at the Yakima Firing Center (now Yakima Training Center) during the 1st Gulf War. They were the only Marines at the time with M1s and were the spearhead element into the Kuwait City Airfield. We watched gun tube footage of that fight when they got...
  3. mkcoen

    Won a MKT90 today on GSA!!! What %#$& do I do with it?

    The griddle and MBUs are pluses and often missing (especially the MBUs). The ovens are pretty standard and should be easy to source. Do you know if the wiring for the MBUs and the power invertor are there?
  4. mkcoen

    Won a MKT90 today on GSA!!! What %#$& do I do with it?

    The vents are lowered using a pole that slides into a cranking mechanism similar to a house window that cranks. There's no way (that I know of) to do it from outside the trailer and it takes a lot to get to the inside of the trailer to do it while all of the gear is there (and the walkway is...
  5. mkcoen

    Won a MKT90 today on GSA!!! What %#$& do I do with it?

    I got one of those with the generator. The trailer was sold several years ago but I still have the gennie in the shop.
  6. mkcoen

    Won a MKT90 today on GSA!!! What %#$& do I do with it?

    Looks like it's been sitting for a while. Take some extra long straps or rope and wrap around it. Those nylon side covers will disinigrate while you're driving down the road and it'll look like a flapping ghost trailing you home. Get Mike's flash drive info and you'll be set to at least get...
  7. mkcoen

    Gun ring install

    Call made.
  8. mkcoen

    Gun ring install

    I do have 1 or 2 left, and yes the price has gone up ($150 plus shipping - since you're in TX we might be able to meet somewhere which would save the typical $75 shipping cost or do the "Steel Soldier Shuffle" if someone else is passing through). These are New-In-The-Box kits which include the...
  9. mkcoen

    New guy from Tennessee

    That's a heck of an I-Beam suspension under it :) Looks like all the parts are there. I had a hard time finding the troop seat and bed rack hardware so you're ahead in that regards. Mine came with a ton of prior owner modifications (like huge rust holes, gallons of bondo, and reams of...
  10. mkcoen

    M100/M416 parts wanted

    Know about them but I'm trying not to spend that kind of money as the trailer is a rust bucket.
  11. mkcoen

    M100/M416 parts wanted

    That's actually what I already have :)
  12. mkcoen

    LA 5 ton Insurance not parked in garage

    That's surprising to hear about CHUBB. I specifically went with them because they did not have a garaging requirement. I had both my 923 and deuce with them. I suppose it could be a state specific issue. If the property crime rates are higher in your zip code they may deem inside storage...
  13. mkcoen

    New guy, Punta Gorda, Florida

    Welcome from south central TX. I was supposed to be in the Charlotte High School class of '82 (back before Pt Charlotte had a HS) but my parents dragged me kicking and screaming to Idaho when I was a Junior. Very traumatic going from living 3 blocks from the beach to a place that had snow on...
  14. mkcoen

    Gulfway Ins. Limitation WOES!!!

    CHUBB is the only other company that I know of that doesn't have a "garaging" clause. I used them for my deuce and LMTV both of which were stored in my driveway.
  15. mkcoen

    M100/M416 parts wanted

    I'm looking for a lunette for either a M100 or M416 and fenders for a M100. These parts only need to be serviceable as I'm simply trying to put a trailer back in general appearance condition and not a full restoration so no NOS or perfect parts as I really can't afford those right now and...
  16. mkcoen

    Lmtv battery wiring diagram

    Search is your friend.
  17. mkcoen

    Buyer beware, Austin Mn

    Dealt with the guy a few years ago on some Goat parts. Stuff I got I would have just considered scrape but fortunately for me it was cosmetic parts that I could work over and use and not as expensive as an engine. Refused to do any other business afterwards.
  18. mkcoen

    New guy from Idaho county Idaho

    Welcome from a GHS class of '82 alumni.
  19. mkcoen

    What have you done to your MKT this week???

    Two of the ones I had went to a charity that does disaster response. The 3rd one (actually my 1st) went to one of our MVPA club members in Austin.
  20. mkcoen

    Don't Leave Home Without It

    I can vouch for that. Sitting in line for a parade to start and one of my brake canisters blew. Took me about 1/2 hour to get out of line and to the side of the road (less than 100 yards) waiting for the air tanks to fill enough to disengage the brakes, air all dumps, wait to fill again, move...
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