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  1. jedawson1

    Name this Part 1951 M37

    After 7 years and 2 additions to my family, I have finally got around to reassembling my truck. I have this Part (pics attached) and for the lift of me can't identify it. I am submitting myself to the brutality of the internet, fire away. She is really dusty, but all the body parts have...
  2. jedawson1

    M37 square lock washer / body washer questions

    I could use some direction from you seasoned guys: What are you or have you used as an alternative to the square lock washers for you body bolts? I have found lots of toothed lock washers and even some similar square lock washers but they look mighty aggressive and I am concerned they will...
  3. jedawson1

    Jedawson1 M37 preservation/restoration

    Hello All, here is my story: I purchased this April of 1951 M37 from a gentleman in VA with the help of fellow SS MadDawg. Its a solid truck, but the previous owner had an unfortunately medical issue that forced him to leave the truck parked outside for 3 years under tree's. With that...
  4. jedawson1

    Chandler NC 28715 to Murfreesboro, TN 37127 - GP Small Tent with poles

    As described I am needing a GP small tent with poles transported from Chandler, NC 28715 to Murfreesboro, TN 37127. Pick up in NC is during working hours only Monday thru Friday. Approximate weight is 230 lbs total. Shipping cost are around $200, I would be willing to pay $100 to a fellow...
  5. jedawson1

    Soft Top repair or replace?

    Not sure what this part is called, the plastic "C" channel on the front of the soft top that slides into the groove on the windshield and holds down the front of the soft top. This part is broken and brittle, the rest of the soft top is in good shape. Is this plastic part readily available...
  6. jedawson1

    M923 upgrade to M925 need advice

    I need advice, in staying with military standards... I have a 1986, M923 in great shape that I want to put a winch on. So I purchased a M925 on the cheap that has rust cancer on several parts of the bed and cab and mechanically it is not up to par with my M923, so I plan on moving the winch...
  7. jedawson1

    700 mile 2 1/2 day recovery, M929I helped a friend join the addiction this week by he

    I helped a friend join the addiction this week by helping him recover his recent GL win, a 1985 M929. Since I have a CDL and a M923 he decided I would be an asset to have along for the trip. Which translates to, "I was there to drive." Murfreesboro, TN to Fort Polk Louisiana and back in...
  8. jedawson1

    to recover or not to recover M105A2

    My M923A1 has developed a front axel hub leak, i just discovered it yesterday when I noticed one drop on the inside tire below the grease fitting. I won a M105A2 trailer about 90 miles (180 round trip) from my house that I need to recover. I've submitted my EUC and expect to be cleared for...
  9. jedawson1

    New Owner M923A1 w/pics

    Greetings from this new Member/Owner. I purchased my very first M923A1 from Sparta, WI on May 10th 2012. It took much looking across the country, but I finally found a good lot in Sparta. I bid on several back on May 10th finally winning one and received my EUC on May 22. I phoned a friend...
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