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  1. MyothersanM1

    Front axle front companion flange leak, M809-series

    I just finished my second replacement of the oil seal on my M818's front axle's front companion flange. However, I am still getting a leak during longer trips when the axle warms up and gear oil flows easier. The leak originates behind the companion flange deflector, obviously from the seal...
  2. MyothersanM1

    M939A2 Front Hub/Spindle Compatibility

    I want to convert my front axle to outboard brake drums. My M818 is currently equipped with M939/M939A1 wedge brakes. The simplest route is to convert to the M939A2 hub/drum combination. I am not looking for a functioning CTIS system. I know that the brake spiders, air chambers and shoes are...
  3. MyothersanM1

    M809-series 33si Alternator Install

    I picked up a Delco-Remy 33si alternator, Cummins p/n 3400698, to replace the OEM alternator on my M818. My existing alternator was not failing, but I wanted to be ahead of that game. I have also followed some installs on both M809 and M939-series trucks with the NHC250. I liked the results...
  4. MyothersanM1

    M915 Battery Box to M809 Tool Box

    A bit over two and a half years ago I converted the battery box on my M818 to an M915 upgrade battery box. If you missed the thread here it is... I consider it one the best upgrades I have completed. The upgrade...
  5. MyothersanM1

    -10/-8AN Fuel Fittings & Braided Hose for M818

    I just finished up an install of -10AN supply and -8AN return fuel lines on my M818. It replaces push-lock hose and fittings I installed in 2010. There was nothing wrong with that system I just thought this looked cooler. The braided nylon/steel hose and all the black anodized fitting are Made...
  6. MyothersanM1

    "Bikini" bed cover for shortened cargo beds

    I have never been one for a full cargo cover for a few reasons;1) not easily removable and installed, 2) having to modify one to fit my sectioned out 10' bed and 3) I really want just enough cover to provide shade with the sides fully open. I was using folded 10' X 20' camo netting to 10' X 10'...
  7. MyothersanM1

    CA, Ride (Drive) To Your Flag, Los Angeles National Cemetery, 09JUN18

    Ride (or Drive) To Your Flag at the Los Angeles National Cemetery on 09JUN18 at 1000 hrs. Sorry, for the short notice. This is an inaugural event in conjunction with Flag Day being hosted by the Los Angeles National Cemetery Support Foundation. If you are in the L.A. area please consider...
  8. MyothersanM1

    Hub/Brake Drum puller/installer

    I took one of my old 20" rims and made a hub/brake drum puller/installer jig that adapts to my floor jack. I cut the rim in half and removed some of the rim lip as to not interfere with the jack. I drilled a 7/8" hole at the bottom center of the rim half. I removed the jack's lifting plate and...
  9. MyothersanM1

    All 5-tons: Heavy Duty Torque Rod Ends

    There was nothing wrong with the originals. It was my OCD again :-D. And, my push to make my truck safer for the civilian road. I recently replaced all the torque rods ends, again, no my M818. I replaced them with the "high-speed" heavy duty torque rod ends that are available through Erik's...
  10. MyothersanM1

    M809-series: Coolant Fiter Install

    I decided to install a coolant filter on my M818. I had a heater which I never use out here in the South of California. I removed it lending to a vast amount of space on the right hand side of the engine compartment. I bought a Lubefiner LWHB4861 Coolant Filter Mounting Base. The forward...
  11. MyothersanM1

    12R22.5 Tubeless Tires for M809-series

    I have been running surplus G177 11.00R20 radials since August of '11. The date codes were 2004, so 12 years old. Great tires with lots of tread, but getting on years. I decided it was time to change them out. However, in doing so I wanted to simplify things and go with a more standard OTR tire...
  12. MyothersanM1

    Passenger HMMWV springer seat: M818

    After seeing too much of my son getting the dog snot beat out of him while riding down our washboard freeways, I swapped out the HMMWV seat base on the passenger side I installed several years back with an M939 springer base. I picked up a good used base locally that only needed a little...
  13. MyothersanM1

    Redondo Beach, CA, 14AUG16, SEMPER FI FUND Car Show

    Heads up to all So Cal members, better too early then too late ;), On August 14,2016 the 9th Annual Wounded Warriors Car Show benefiting the SEMPER FI FUND will be held in Redondo Beach, CA, at the Performing Arts Center at Aviation and Manhattan Beach Bl's. This is an...
  14. MyothersanM1

    M915 Battery Box on M809-series

    About four years ago I modified and installed an M939-series battery box up grade on my M818. It is a very sturdy, modular design allowing easy access to the batteries. In addition, if you use only two batteries, it lends to more storage space. It did come with some drawbacks including hanging...
  15. MyothersanM1

    Deleting/editing classified threads

    I have sold an item and now want to remove the ad from the Parts for Sale forum. However, the edit post icon at the the bottom of the OP no longer exists. This is also problematic when a need arises to edit sale ad content once the ad goes beyond the allotted time period. I have maintained all...
  16. MyothersanM1

    Spotted in Marina del Rey, CA

    This little gem is parked in the same storage yard as my M818 out here in Maina del Rey on the Los Angeles Westside. Anybody here lay claim to it?
  17. MyothersanM1

    M809-series (M818) Air Brake Retrofit

    In this thread I will be discussing, hopefully in some detail, the conversion of my M818 to full dual circuit air brakes. I plan to post up as I progress with the installation. This mod should work for all M809-series and M39-series 5-ton trucks. The air assisted hydraulic brakes, as delivered...
  18. MyothersanM1

    Brother WillWagner

    Just posting up a shout out to our resident Cummins diesel all knowing Dr. and guru, WillWagner. Brother Will came out to my neck of the woods on a Saturday morning recently and helped me with a leaky rocker box issue. He has also helped me out in the past with other engine and parts obtaining...
  19. MyothersanM1

    Self Cancelling Turn Signal Modification

    A couple of weeks back I installed a HMMWV self-cancelling turn signal switch (Kit # AM General 57K3222). However, the cancelling ring would not properly mount to the conical base of the M35A3 type steering wheel on my truck. So, the self cancelling feature would not work. This past couple of...
  20. MyothersanM1

    Drop Side Bed Front/Side Rack length

    I am making a couple off the drop side bed short front/side racks from stock. I have all the steel hardware, but I need the slat length. If someone has a moment can you grab that measurement for me? Thanks in advance.
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