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  1. Robo McDuff

    Need Sherwin Williams painf for your next MV job: they have some promo discounts in April

    Wrestling myself through 15 years of paint and color code threads and linked threads, I came across one which might interest-help somebody: If you plan to use the unexpected free time for some painting of your MV, maybe this can help you Sherwin Williams promo codes and Sherwin Williams...
  2. Robo McDuff

    double posted please delete

    double posted please delete
  3. Robo McDuff

    1965 FS595A 24087 = FS595B 24084 = paint composition

    The year 2020. And after several days searching I give up trying to find it here and ask for help. Finally decided my truck, which the ID tags say is 1973 (overhauled) but hood and SN makes clear is 1965, will be painted in the correct 1965 paint color OD 24087 with white lettering and star...
  4. Robo McDuff

    Operating the winch on an M51 Dump Truck

    I have been looking through TMs and threads quite a lot now, but I am missing something. According the operating instructions, with everything in neutral put, unlock the winch control lever and put the winch control lever in position Low or High, or even more speed levels in between. No...
  5. Robo McDuff

    Truck identification by bar code??? Maybe linked to MWO applied?

    After 10 years, I found that my truck has two more tags which I never noticed. They were in the driver side rear door post, so "hiding in plain view". Any comment on this is more then welcome, especially if you can help identify the tags. A barcode sticker. This I never saw before on a...
  6. Robo McDuff

    M51 A2 dump truck w/winch problem PTO and controls for winch and dump hydraulic pump

    Actually, I hope I don't have a problem, but cannot get things back together. About 10 years ago I made this truck into an M51 - M52 switchable dump-tractor truck. To do so, I disconnected the drive shaft to the pump for the dump hydraulics and also the connections between the controls in the...
  7. Robo McDuff

    M39 hydraulic brake master cylinder vent line connected to air pack: capping

    M39 - M51A2. I am overhauling the hydraulic air-assisted brake system. The filler cap of the MC has a vent line connection going into the airpack where it joins another line going in. THat vent line irritates me when trying to bleed and fill the system or controlling the system. Can I just cap...
  8. Robo McDuff

    Single check valve

    I redid the Airpack and brakes. The front glad-hands are broken beyond repair, so I am replacing them with European glad-hands and now I am trying to connect metric glad-hand with the old air lines using US threaded bolts. Had to use an angle grinder to get the connector through the bumper off...
  9. Robo McDuff

    Dot 5 discoloring in open air

    Just curious. I bought several small canisters with DOT 5 for my truck. Opened one to lubricate stuff while overhauling the MC and Air Pack two or more years ago. Closed the canister, opened it yesterday and the color is much more yellowish, not like the blue hue from the freshly opened...
  10. Robo McDuff

    Brake cylinder damage

    So I took off the front hubs to check their condition, also trying to see if there was a reason for asymmetric braking. Took some time before I had a closer look at the brake cylinders, had some other things to do, like taking grandkids to the netherlands and then taking care of them while...
  11. Robo McDuff

    Old M39 M809 series: brake and air lines identical?

    I was looking at one of the scrapyards for my missing fixed brake line. Found something I thought would fit, then noticed it actually was an air line. Were they the same in strength and diameter? The line I am looking for is 0.39 inch (10 mm), from the slave cylinder to the distribution point.
  12. Robo McDuff

    5-ton colar and marking comparison -pics and numbers needed

    I am going to do some paint work now , and still not decided on the color. Not sure if to go with the old olive drab or the newer mat green, al existing between 1965 and early 1973. Definitely NOT camo Does somebody has pictures of a restored 1965-1967 5-ton truck with original 24079 Olive...
  13. Robo McDuff

    M39 dump truck with Garwood winch - winch questions

    Our M51 A2 from 1965 (overhauled 1973) is a Dump Truck W/W; Garwood 20 000 lbs. Unfortunately, the winch assembly was partly broken and without cable. Some questions therefore. Above is how I bought it in 2010, with details of where some kind of guiding system - rollers were broken off...
  14. Robo McDuff

    European scrap - salvage yards and parts suppliers

    Time to try again to make a list of European salvage yards and part suppliers now we have such an extensive European Member list. Please, this is a thread to help European and other SteelSoldier members to get parts or complete trucks inside Europe. Please: - add a new post with clear...
  15. Robo McDuff

    5-ton multifuel does not start

    My M51A2 multi fuel has been stationary quite long, awaiting repairs but moved a few times to make place for repairs on the workshop itself. Last time it was moved to a nearby field without problem. Now, 6 months later, the workshop is ready but I cannot get the truck started. Normally, even in...
  16. Robo McDuff

    Meeting a Czech MV group on the road.

    Saw these people when driving back home, they were just taking lunch. A group of MV enthusiasts from the Ceske Budejovice area in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. I especially like the Dodge (WC 52?) More to come
  17. Robo McDuff

    Towing 5-ton with running engine

    I am trying to get our M51 to our blacksmith workshop to make an exhibition on 30 year cold war. Engine is running but brakes are not ok and I do not have veteran plates yet. And to scared to drive the truck solo without knowing 100% the brakes will not fail. If I have the engine running, can...
  18. Robo McDuff

    Finding the real age - trying to compare serial numbers with other M39s

    My 1973 M51A2 indeed a lot older than I was told when I bought it. Both the engine and the truck itself have tag shields mentioning "overhauled 1973". The name of the truck is given as Kaiser Jeep Corporation, which was active only from 1963 to 1970, after that it became AMC. CARNAC was able...
  19. Robo McDuff

    M51A2 stuck sprag not engaging air problem?

    OK. I am stuck in a wet snowy peat meadow, and it looks my front wheels are not doing much. My problem is that the air pack is being rebuilt and I needed to move the truck. So the air line to the air pack is open. 1) does that stop the sprag from engaging? 2) can that become harmful for the...
  20. Robo McDuff

    Ross Steering Gear adjustment after rebuild

    I combined two Ross steering gears into one and put it back inside. A complete rebuild thread will come later, now I am sorting a PROBLEM . Steps done on work bench: 1) Cleaned everything thoroughly, oiled it in proper oil and put it back. 2) Out the cover/control house back according the...
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