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  1. Kenny714

    Part needed for Expandable Shelter

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kenny714

    Part needed for Expandable Shelter

    Just purchased a expandable shelter for my Deuce and need a replacement cable. NSN 4010-01-485-1644 Part # 17-1-0191-1
  3. Kenny714

    Storage / Parking

    Out behind our shop with all the other crap. Landlord just keep adding to the rent. :-?
  4. Kenny714

    what did you replace your 3" heater vent hoses with ?

    I have a few pieces of the stock hose at the house if you want them. PM me with measurements and I'll see if I have enough. Drivers side is much harder than the passenger side. I cut the bottom off a tappered hard plastic cup to get mine on. Works great.
  5. Kenny714

    boggers on a m35a2

    Not mounted, we were cleaning out the shop and leaned the tires against the Duece for a minute. Looks cool...I wouldn't run them though.
  6. Kenny714

    Oil Pan Skid Plate

    I'll be adding gussets to the corners but, the truck won't be seeing any hard hits. It's primarily used to pull our mud trucks out of the holes and trail riding. It may see some sand hills and some small trees/brush while manuvering to yank someone out so I think it will accomplish what I need...
  7. Kenny714

    Deuce Skid Plates
  8. Kenny714

    NJ newbie with Insurance questions

    I'm registered Historic and use Allstate. Call this number after you get your title and ask the lady to send you the papers to register Historic. 1-888-486-3339
  9. Kenny714

    Oil Pan Skid Plate

    Thanks! Only improvement I may do is weld in small gussets on the bends to strengthen it up a bit. Probably not necessary but, It'll keep me busy for an hour or so.:mrgreen:
  10. Kenny714

    Oil Pan Skid Plate

    Real simple and easy protection. I got the steel FREE from work. Scored the bends with a cut off wheel and bent it up in the vise. Ran a thick bead of weld over the scores after I got it bent up. The notch cut in the rear is so I can change my oil without removing the skid plate. It's all bolt...
  11. Kenny714

    Oil Pan Skid Plate

    I'll add some words tomorrow if necessary. I'm to tired now.:-(
  12. Kenny714

    Oil Pan Skid Plate

  13. Kenny714

    Remembering a Friend

    A good friend passed away last summer and I felt like sharing to keep his memory alive and well. Nik used to borrow my Deuce to bring out to the woods to pull everyone out whenever I couldn't make it for whatever reason. LINK: Memorial Service Held For Young Coast Guard Officer Who Died In...
  14. Kenny714

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    New set of mirrors. There was just about nothing left of these thanks to the tight trails. Started with the first couple coats of WD40 on the bolts for the Air-O-Matic install next week.
  15. Kenny714

    Diy, cover your exhaust pipe

    I've painted both the motorhome and the boat several times with black soot. I just use any cup or can I can find when parking it. I always forget to take them off and they get run over or blow away. I had to remove my J-pipe to weld it shut and ended up welding a bung in the bottom for easy...
  16. Kenny714

    Air-O-Matic Blueprints

    Just ordered my Air-O-Matc steering kit and I'm looking for a link for the blueprints I can print out on the plotter here at work. Did some searching but, couldn't find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, KENNY
  17. Kenny714

    reo m35a2 cemetery

    Nuther one....I wish this was my backyard.[thumbzup]
  18. Kenny714

    Bed strap

    I've got two of them also. There are also two on e-Bay.
  19. Kenny714

    Spinner wheel

    Yeah, yeah!!!!!aua LOL!
  20. Kenny714

    Spinner wheel

    4 stitches in my chin.:doh: Knob is now in the glove box.....right where it will stay.
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