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  1. MAdams

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Damn! My math says that's about 12,000 lbs Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. MAdams

    A/C new install

    Is your metering device adjustable?
  3. MAdams

    A/C new install

    Post a picture of your txv. I just found out some are adjustable with a brass screw on the bottom Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. MAdams

    A/C new install

    I'm having the same problem on my 7 ton. Low side pressure is 18psi, warm outlet air from evap and I charged the system to the correct 2.25lbs of 134a. I think my TXV is either bad or possibly backwards if that's possible. I didn't have the correct high side adapter for my gauge set Sent from...
  5. MAdams

    Anyone headed to Yermo? MK23

    Yea I go there fairly often because I'm close. I don't know of any trucking companies. United states of freight is a advertiser on this site. Maybe try them
  6. MAdams

    How to add a liter of displacement to your CAT for about $170

    I like the idea of a sports car where you're only at WOT for a short period. I wouldn't be comfortable going up a long grade at full throttle for a 10 minutes.
  7. MAdams

    Anyone headed to Yermo? MK23

    They usually don't let people go inspect and you have to argue with them to get past the gate. Even if you are there to pickup they want to bring the truck out to you.
  8. MAdams

    Need help with unhooked hose

    Jon, sorry I haven't been home early enough to look again. I just checked and it looks like the slobber tube just dumps out after the 90 degree fitting Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  9. MAdams

    Need help with unhooked hose

    My starter doesn't have that. Pretty sure that's the moisture drain hose. Alot of starters have them. See the two black hoses in this pic Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  10. MAdams

    7 Ton transmission oil change

    Jon, loved your video and the commentary is great. My trans has a high level of copper too, likely coming from the trans cooler/heat exchanger in the radiator leaching a bit of copper into the oil. I'm shocked to here that Blackstone didn't find water in the oil. It looks like rust to me. I...
  11. MAdams

    MTVR TM's

    I have Cat et, allison, Dana and meritor software and its great but it doesn't tell you where stuff is, how to replace it, PN#'s, wiring numbers, wiring diagrams, etc.
  12. MAdams

    MTVR TM's

    How do you know they are available on DVD?
  13. MAdams

    Oil sample valves, how to use

    Push in and turn slightly to the right. They are pretty neat valves Two tips: 1. Put the cap back on after! If a stick, branch or something were to magically jump out and push on that valve while your on a trail... Bad news 2. For the engine side. It's a sample port, not a drain. You are...
  14. MAdams

    Using FOIA to get truck info

    Nice work Jon. What came in the envelope?
  15. MAdams

    Driver's seat air valve leaking...

    Search this number on ebay 372648976169 $17 shipped
  16. MAdams

    Securing your MTVR? anyone installing locks? ignition keys?

    Do they look like this? Also, are they able to key them the same?
  17. MAdams

    Replace LED clearance marker on MK23

    Quick FYI. The yellow 5 LED marker lights on the front are no longer available, only a 2 LED light can still be bought. If you have to do the clearance lights on the top of the cab you will have to place all 5 if you want them to match.
  18. MAdams

    Mixing tire brands on truck

    The AT2's I've seen are much smaller in diameter than the XZL's. It might be okay to have a different brand on the front axle compared to the rears, but I wouldn't mix tires on the rear
  19. MAdams

    What size screw pin shackles for front bumper?

    That hole is meant for the tow bar adapter that uses a 1.5" pin
  20. MAdams

    Purchased MK23 with no bed sides! Anyone have any connections??

    MTVR, is this your truck? I was in Yermo on Friday and it was being picked up
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