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  1. Godspeed131

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Just finished going to singles today
  2. Godspeed131

    M35 Instrument Panel Marking

    Lol yea I should have said I have the 04m33469 with a 0325 configured m35 sorry I need to proof read more or read over it to make sure it makes since coming out of this head , and good luck in your endeavors
  3. Godspeed131

    M35 Instrument Panel Marking

    Yea I do like the look of the dished out look better for the m35, it seems to keep the original look better, but without modifying the valve stems and some other things I figured I’d go ahead and flip them now before mounting. My reg number is 04M33469-0325 which for what I read was originally...
  4. Godspeed131

    M35 Instrument Panel Marking

    I was just looking at re-stenciling today and the ID number on my truck starts with the same 04M also and is set up just like your avatar pic minus the hardtop. I’m in the middle of installing my 395’s and flipping the rear hubs this weekend.
  5. Godspeed131

    8 MRAP wheel & tires Chambersburg PA to Knoxville TN

    Just to close this, I had some time actually free up so I went up my self to get the load Monday. Thank you nick for getting back with me and thanks for the suggestion djoutfitters.
  6. Godspeed131

    Hey all from Knoxville

    Good evening all, sorry in advanced for such a long post, just wanted to pop in and finally say hello. Picked up my first MV last December. It is a quite unmolested 1969 m35a2 w/w air shift transfer. besides it being a untouched multi I have no clue which engine is in it due to the data plates...
  7. Godspeed131

    8 MRAP wheel & tires Chambersburg PA to Knoxville TN

    Hey all just wanting some options and pricing on shipping 8 395/85r20 xzl’s with wheels from Chambersburg PA to Knoxville TN thanks in advanced
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