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    MEP 805B display problem found.

    I only loan the tool, its a $300 dollar deposit, the deposit minus actual shipping costs, gets refunded when the tool is returned undamaged.
  2. 155mm

    MEP 805B display problem found.

    The video shows with contrast full light. Does that what you mean by in the sun too long? now the bubble is a physical fault so only way to fix that is maybe pull one of the layers or replace the screen
  3. 155mm

    MEP 805B display problem found.

    Color or monochrome? here is the video of the tool at work
  4. 155mm

    MEP 805B display problem found.

    @TheAlfredo, are you asking if the display is repaired or if the bright/dark tool got built? answers are yes and yes
  5. 155mm

    Choctaw H140 - no ignition arc

    You can turn it on with the top off, but no air will go around the heat exchanger if you try to start heater.
  6. 155mm

    Choctaw H140 - no ignition arc

    If I remember correctly, there is a burner chamber fan that forces air into the burner, remove top and inspect fan to burner duct
  7. 155mm

    Wanted: topbows for M101A2 trailer

    Bahahaha , oh you were serious? Uh well... there are wind mills, tumble weeds, and the cows move from shade to shade..... hahaha
  8. 155mm

    Wanted: topbows for M101A2 trailer

    I was mistaken, mine are for a m116 trailer, i dont know if they are interchangeable, also i have no cover
  9. 155mm

    Wanted: topbows for M101A2 trailer

    I may have some at Guymon
  10. 155mm


    Is there supposed to be a comment, complaint or criticism with the previous post, or am I missing something
  11. 155mm

    MEP-804B Governor control actuator problems

    Screw magnetic pickup (4, Figure 4-30) into flywheel housing until pickup bottoms out on flywheel. Back magnetic pickup out 1 1/2 turns. Tighten locknut (5). Adjust magnetic pickup (4), 4.13.3.d. Set multimeter for VAC, and connect multimeter positive lead to terminal B of P13 and negative...
  12. 155mm

    MEP806B No Start - MPU

    Just a side question, when you bypassed everything and ran the set with 24v going to governor, what hertz was it running? 60 hertz? the governor controls the hertz, by adjusting the speed of the motor even if only by 20-30 rpm, thats why these machines are so hertz stable. After you answer, i...
  13. 155mm

    MEP806B No Start - MPU

    Another problem i had with a no start was the connector for the 2 governor wires, if there is a doubt just hack off the old plastic connector and use covered spade connectors
  14. 155mm

    MEP806B No Start - MPU

    so this thread was my red headed step child, a little bit of everything was wrong with it.
  15. 155mm

    MEP-804B wont start without Starting spray

    Yup, glowplugs and the ether bunny dont play well together Have you tested the glow plugs with a multimeter to verify they are not burned out? mine requires a preheat at anything below 50*F for a smooth start
  16. 155mm

    MEP 806B Troubleshooting

    Read thru this problem child i had
  17. 155mm

    Three phase / Single phase

    Even a small load like 1500 w halogen light stand when hooked to unused leg will help tremendously
  18. 155mm

    Wiring question. 24V one wire alternator into HMMWV

    Ac voltage to tell the pcb that the engine is running... that disengages the starter
  19. 155mm

    Help with a TS-4216 Load Bank

    I use the eyelet end on load tester, loose ends on generator
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