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  1. Kenny714

    Part needed for Expandable Shelter

    Just purchased a expandable shelter for my Deuce and need a replacement cable. NSN 4010-01-485-1644 Part # 17-1-0191-1
  2. Kenny714

    Oil Pan Skid Plate

  3. Kenny714

    Remembering a Friend

    A good friend passed away last summer and I felt like sharing to keep his memory alive and well. Nik used to borrow my Deuce to bring out to the woods to pull everyone out whenever I couldn't make it for whatever reason. LINK: Memorial Service Held For Young Coast Guard Officer Who Died In...
  4. Kenny714

    Air-O-Matic Blueprints

    Just ordered my Air-O-Matc steering kit and I'm looking for a link for the blueprints I can print out on the plotter here at work. Did some searching but, couldn't find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, KENNY
  5. Kenny714

    Check out this 5 Ton Project

    Found this on another web site. What ya'all think? 5 ton military build - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board
  6. Kenny714

    A little lite work today.

    Got a call from a buddy today for a little recovery job. Toyota has 15" of lift 38" tires. Water was a little deep today.:???: Still trying to get video uploaded from the phone . Will post it up if I can figure it out.
  7. Kenny714

    Little help with some numbers, please!

    Anybody have any idea what these numbers are for (or mean) that are written on my hood? My deuce is a 1968 M35A2. CV 332 1/7/08 Thanks
  8. Kenny714

    Heater Install Question

    Finally got my heater installed and have one quick question. I did a bunch of searching and reading, and believe I hooked up one of the heater hoses in the wrong spot. Got the temp up to 160 and it still blew cold air. I've got a 180 thermostat on order and will be changing that too. Should I...
  9. Kenny714

    Quick 24 to 60 Alt Question

    I got the conversion kit installed except for the wire that goes to the master/ignition switch. I started unwrapping the harness to figure out which wire is the correct one to remove from the switch and plug into the 3way and jumper wire, but am running into problems. The original wires are...
  10. Kenny714

    Gave the deuce a little work out!

    Had a little fun this past Labor Day weekend! The old beast barely brook a sweat. Would have loved to yank all three at once but the strap between the Ranger and the green Sami was a few feet short to hook them all together.
  11. Kenny714

    Generator/Alternator Swap ????

    OK, here is my problem. After taking the deuce through a few feet of water the generator on my 68 M35A2 locked up. We removed the generator, opened it up and the bearings and most of the windings were pretty much toasted. After checking all my buddies parts trucks I was not ablt to find the...
  12. Kenny714

    Finally Got The Deuce In The Woods

    Well, after almost a year of playing with the paperwork and doing some minor work on the deuce I finally got it out in the woods for our annual Memorial Day camping trip. My 12 yr. old daughter jumped right in and picked up using the clutch and running through the gears. Now she thinks it's her...
  13. Kenny714

    Need some help with title

    Should be getting my duece in a few weeks after a 4 month wait with the SF97 form. My deuce is a Jeep/Kaiser and the title the previous owner received says it's a 1988. The ID plate on the dash is hard to read and he wrote 88 on the papers when he sent them in. Anyway my quection is ....didn't...
  14. Kenny714

    New from NJ

    Hello all. I'm from Southern NJ and should be picking up my first deuce in a week or two. Just waiting on the paperwork and a new transfer case to be installed. Site was recomended to me from an existing member and looks like it will be a great resource for everything I'll need to know. KENNY...
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