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  1. McSpeed

    Fan Clutch O-Rings - 24 volt fan options?

    Noticed my otherwise flawless fan clutch is weeping fluid. I've found a possible rebuild kit around $200 and noted these things tend to be out of stock or stupid expensive in the $500 plus range, When I replaced the water pump I put a close fit o-ring from in my shop in the front nose where...
  2. McSpeed

    pics please of rear/forward camera screen mounting?

    I'd like to see how some of you have mounted your monitors for backing cameras.
  3. McSpeed

    Lone Star Drift - Youtuber with Humvee vs. Jeep

    Is Lone Star Drift (You tube name) a member here???? I bumped into his Humvee video series and have been loving it. Looks like he is learning as he goes - but most important is he is having a blast putting that truck through some serious off-road travel and keeping up with some high dollar...
  4. McSpeed

    Tire Swap - video spit rims, run flats, and TWF inserts

    Big thanks to everybody that gave me input on tires, rims...and more. My son wanted to video the swap after he watched me do the first one. He's 15 and I had no idea he knew how to do this. I didn't comment on any torque specs because it may be different on different wheels, but this is how I...
  5. McSpeed

    Car show and FAKE 50 cal Browning M2 machine g u n

    This weekend I put my Humvee in a local car show. I had no intention of getting a trophy as it was a show-n-shine where clean wins. I have no time in my life or interest in cleaning the truck that well - in fact, I thought about taking it out mudding and bringing it to the show extra dirty...
  6. McSpeed

    camping tent in bed? Two man configuration

    We sold our 27' Salem travel trailer this year. Would still like to do some camping on the cheap. Thinking about putting some plywood in the bed of the truck and setting a tent there - seems like a popular thing these days. Anybody doing this? I have some camp grounds in reasonable driving...
  7. McSpeed

    Parade - pulling float...unplug fan control????

    I'm pulling the sophomore class float for the homecoming parade in two weeks. My truck runs right at the limit kicking the fan on and off right around 220 - 230 degrees. I'm thinking about pulling the plug so it runs all the time. Other than some extra fan noise - no down side to that is there?
  8. McSpeed

    LEO Humvees

    My local Sheriff's office has TWO military donated Humvees - I believe M1025 models. They are both hard top fast back models showing build date of 1990. I don't know how long they have had them, but they have both been sitting in the same spot so long they are becoming one with the parking...
  9. McSpeed

    differential seals - leaking and replacement

    Anybody from the been there done that front and rear diffs are dripping gear oil out of the side seals. What's the inside "shade tree" track on getting these fixed? Drop the diffs? In the truck? Can they be replaced with out any need to replace crush sleeves or reset the gears?
  10. McSpeed

    Plasti-dip over CARC?

    I'd like to have some fun with a temporary color change over the summer. I've seen plenty of plasti-dip videos. However, I have concerns it will peel off nice and neat on such a rough surface. Anybody have any luck getting it to stick...and getting it to come off when desired cleanly?
  11. McSpeed

    wheel/tire options - budget minded?

    I'm looking for basic "custom" cast wheels in the 18" or so variety that would update the looks a bit, and give me a more common wheel/tire for service and use. Tires are in great shape on my M998, but they are "aged" and I don't feel comfortable with them running over hot summer time roads at...
  12. McSpeed

    Stuck in the mud by a factor of 10

    So we had a lot of rain this weekend - actually used the truck to ford the waters as my son's air soft battle field was floating away (pallets and barrels). The truck was GREAT up to 2 feet of water. Little did I know I was playing with fire. The next day, the waters went down significantly...
  13. McSpeed

    Temp just over 220

    So...first, I joke (but it is true) virtually every time I take out the truck something breaks, leaks, or just fails. I'm getting use to it... I've replaced the water pump, flushed the cooling system, replaced all soft hoses, new T-stat, and replaced the Cadillac valve as my fan was on ALL the...
  14. McSpeed

    thunk thunk knock knock in left rear????

    We have been enjoying the Humvee today as we had a fairly large snow storm for our area last night and today and it has been a blast to ride around and survey the white stuff. But...while going less than 15 mile per hour I picked up a rhythmic clunk/thunk that can be felt in the floor. It...
  15. McSpeed

    Hissing from brake box area

    I just replaced the powers steering gear and fan solenoid. All seems well. Except a hiss now that comes and goes in the areas above my left foot or brake pedal area. I had to work a lot of air out from the gear swap air? Something else?
  16. McSpeed

    H1 and M998 Steering Gear - Same?

    I did a search under Steering Gear and didn't find the answer. Sorry if I missed it. Anybody know if they are the same? Mine is leaking from the input area and it appears local autoparts sources have the H1 available through A1 Cardone.
  17. McSpeed

    two man - rear door cover mod to short door conversion?

    I'm thinking of a mid time solution to a four man option while I save my pennies for the full conversion. Anybody done this...or tell me why it won't or will work? I'd like to unbolt the two man rear bed side cover door skins and cut the front flange area off where they bolt to the B pillar...
  18. McSpeed

    Battery disconnect switch that fits? M998

    Is there a battery disconnect switch that will fit on the battery and under the passenger seat tray for a M998 A1? Would you put it on the negative or positive lead?
  19. McSpeed

    12 volt to trailer wiring

    Is there a gadget that gets 12 volt out to a trailer light pigtail? Also, I have the dual voltage generator. I have no idea if this will help with that or not.
  20. McSpeed

    M998 6.2 Water pump/fan clutch help please

    Hey guys - first post. I'm not understanding the instructions for how to get the fan clutch off a 1988 6.2 M998. I pulled the cooling module as it needs cleaning, detail, etc. The water pump is shot. I got the hydraulic link off (1/2 nut in the center). I can't get the pulley to line up...
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