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  1. Keith Knight

    Roll in passenger Window Gasket

    I’ve search the internet for years and still looking for them.
  2. Keith Knight

    Flasher unit

    This is what I used.
  3. Keith Knight

    Aloha from a newby

    Caged brakes allows to roll the vehicle without an air supply to the brakes.
  4. Keith Knight

    Aloha from a newby

    Wish I could help, So many things that could be wrong. For starters mine had all the fluids drained and all the plugs were missing. So before I even thought of batteries I had to source all the different plugs and put about 30-40 gallons of different fluids back in it, like coolant, engine oil...
  5. Keith Knight

    Highway speed gear 3.07 vs 2.87

    I did the gear change and it’s one of the best upgrades I’ve done. It’s not because I want to go 70 mph it’s because I want to go 55-60 without the engine screaming at me. After the change with an average speed of 55-60 the interior noise level reduced, I gained almost 2mpg and the shift points...
  6. Keith Knight

    Highway speed gear 3.07 vs 2.87

    What year Fmtv are you considering doing it on?
  7. Keith Knight

    Staining or painting the floor hump mat?

    I used the original one as a template and made a new one out of black material that matched the original material.
  8. Keith Knight

    M1078 A1 transfer case

    Are the bearings you’re finding about 1/16” diameter x 3/16” long? That’s the size of broken bearings I found in mine attached to the output speed sensor. Before discovering them, I trouble shooted Everything else imaginable. Then discovering the broken bearings and contacted different...
  9. Keith Knight

    Keith's M1078 Project

    The connecting rods come with the door lock kit. The door lock kit comes with a remote receiver box for the key chain remotes to work with. you can always call me 863-781-0165.
  10. Keith Knight

    Keith's M1078 Project

  11. Keith Knight

    Keith's M1078 Project

    I designed and fabricated it myself.
  12. Keith Knight

    Finally, good door handles and latches!

    Nice job, could you include part numbers?
  13. Keith Knight

    3126 and c7 video on a CAT update

    What Is “IFS” and what does the IFS kit do?
  14. Keith Knight

    Keith's M1078 Project

  15. Keith Knight

    Keith's M1078 Project

    About 10 hours of hand stitching use wax coated lacing string.
  16. Keith Knight

    ABS light on - Troubleshooting

    I have a 2003 A1 and I have experienced a ABS light. I had just changed out the axle gears and in doing so I accidentally bumped one of the sensors in the front axle out of range. It was a simple fix, just follow the sensor wires and push the sensor back in so it’s back in the proper position...
  17. Keith Knight

    Another A0 door handle and latch option.

    Nice work!
  18. Keith Knight

    Keith's M1078 Project

    .080” aluminum sheet
  19. Keith Knight

    Keith's M1078 Project

    The overhead console I made was a one off build, with very little documentation. But I started with making a template out of card board the transferring it to aluminum sheet then about 50 small adjustments, cuts and test fits before final welding. The doors are made of 1/2” Star Board, cut and...
  20. Keith Knight

    Keith's M1078 Project

    The one I used is a continuous loop, so the stroke is infinite. Mine goes all the way up and down.
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