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  1. SSGHillbilly

    My Little Black Truck (Deuce ****)

    Yep, my same thoughts beautiful but just a show truck, must & has to be garage kept.
  2. SSGHillbilly

    Made an over head console

    Maybe a couple more pics with different camera and angle?
  3. SSGHillbilly

    R.I.P. - Joe Young

    You ever get that pic put up of Mighty Joe?
  4. SSGHillbilly

    M35A2 Seat Belt Kit Differences: Angle Brackets

    I’m looking for older style M35A2 or A1 seat belt replacements / not HumV seatbelts.
  5. SSGHillbilly

    R.I.P. - Joe Young

    Oh the deuce is still king , famous it is. I know the young ones are afraid of the deuce. Actually maybe it’s easier for them to get the other vehicles due to more recent numbers and parts? Every time I turn around I hear guys saying they want to get them a Deuce. Sometimes like me just a...
  6. SSGHillbilly

    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    Sounds great, will you still do the Ranking thing, where you earn your stripes and officer brass? Thought that was cool. The map thing sounds awesome. Maybe a how to page?
  7. SSGHillbilly

    Military vehicle. radio group

    yes that sounds like great idea. I’ve became a fan of watching the ( Tactical Repair - youtube channel by Garrett, he also did a video or two of the Ga. rally. I really want & plan on making it there. It’s a big haul for me though. may just go in my POV verses the Deuce. Worried about breaking...
  8. SSGHillbilly

    What am I looking at?

    Then again could have been something from another government agency like fish & wildlife,,,ect.
  9. SSGHillbilly

    What am I looking at?

    The military had all kinds of crazy things in the past I never knew about . As I watch YouTube history videos I see more and more that are almost no longer in existence.
  10. SSGHillbilly

    R.I.P. - Joe Young

    I’m curious too, I was stationed there before.
  11. SSGHillbilly

    R.I.P. - Joe Young

    I like seeing posts like this, so very interesting. Some may say there gone but as long as we speak of them & remember them and know such good people that did good things, they still are living on . Here’s to you Joe, even though I may have never met you. Drink a beer in your memory.
  12. SSGHillbilly

    Pulse tech solar

    W (SSG HILLBILLY) -Where do you purchase these chargers from? How much do they cost $ ??
  13. SSGHillbilly

    Military vehicle. radio group

    Politicians don’t go to prison so why should we??? Unless your really abusing the system & causing others problems I doubt anyone ones going to catch you by keying up your Mike for s few seconds. I’m not condoning to do so but just looking at reality. There is so much other crime out there...
  14. SSGHillbilly

    Clear Blue Dash Light Lenses

    Try at better watch the shipping cost though.
  15. SSGHillbilly

    You dig a square hole

    You dig a square hole
  16. SSGHillbilly

    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    I really thought some of the custom military icons we use to have were pretty cool, any way of having them back? Do we still have a ranking? I thought that was cool too. This was my first time back on here in a while, I was surprised to see the change. Other than that it may be nice to...
  17. SSGHillbilly

    Military antenna with cb radio

    That’s o.k. Several of us can feel the pain the same as you, lol I understand what you mean
  18. SSGHillbilly

    Military vehicle. radio group

    Gen. Jeffhuey1N :goodjob: This is a huge magnificent help to myself & others. I thank you highly very much. I will use this to get better and I know it won’t be so scary to others to try once they just start learning little by little. ;-) I really look forward to meeting with you guys at an...
  19. SSGHillbilly

    Military vehicle. radio group

    :goodjob::goodjob:[ thank you very much this is very good news to me. Well I’m no radio Guru but I did operate them a decent amount in the Army. I really believe in keeping history alive and having some fun at the same time. I appreciate all positive input to this thread thank you all. I...
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