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  1. m16ty

    Isuzu engine swap

    Went and looked at the truck today, it has the 4BD1T in it. I think I’m going to get it home and see if it runs. I was first hesitant to put a rice burner in the m715, but when you search around the little engine has rave reviews. My original plan was to use a deuce transmission to mate to...
  2. m16ty

    Isuzu engine swap

    I’ll have to get some. I haven’t even looked at the engine yet, because I wasn’t even thinking about it until today. The truck is still at the guy’s place where I got it. I’m going to go by there tomorrow and get some pics, and hopefully some info off a data plate. According to the research I’ve...
  3. m16ty

    Isuzu engine swap

    A couple of months ago a guy gave me a old Isuzu box truck that had been sitting awhile (said the brakes went out is why it was parked). My original plans was to use the box for storage and scrap the rest. Fast forward to today. I’m out at the shed looking at my M715. About 3 years ago it wasn’t...
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