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    Jack Stands for HMMWV m998

    I have been looking for jack stands for my HMMWV and I have not been successful. The ones I bought from Sears are not tall enough. I thought of using 6 × 6 railroad timber to get more height from my existing jack stands but I want to check with you all to see if you have a better approach...
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    Question regarding Jack points on HMMWV

    I see a hole / jack point on only one of the four control arms. The other 3 look different. There are two smaller holes and the stub on the jack does not fit. Attached are pictures. Anyone have pointers on how to jack up the other 3 control arms? Do you have any pictures that might help me...
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    Alternator starting to make new noises

    The 60 amp alternator on my HMMWV is starting to make some new noises. The volt meter indicates that it is still charging the batteries fine. I am guessing the bearings in the alternator are kaput. Have you tried replacing the bearings in the alternator? McReddy
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    Bleeding the solenoid valve / Cadillac valve

    I just installed a new Cadillac valve. Can one of you please tell me how I can bleed the Cadillac valve for any air pockets after installing ? Thanks in advance. McReddy
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    Can the HMMWV cadillac valve be repaired?

    Folks, My hydraulic fan is staying on all the time. I did some tests, there is power / voltage at the Cadillac valve when the temperature is below 220 F. My analysis at this point is that the Cadillac valve is not working. It is quiet with or without voltage at it's connectors. I am wondering if...
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    Noisy heater blower / fan ??

    I started using the heater blower / fan on my HMMWV this winter and it is noisy even at low setting. I was wondering if this common or if I need to clean the blower fan and check the blower motor. It is as loud as the engine is at idle. McReddy
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    Positive camber on HMMWV 998 rear wheels ?

    I finally got my 2 Man HMMWV 998 10 days ago and I have been working away on it as time permits. I noticed that the front wheels are quite perpendicular to the ground but the rear wheel have a very noticeable positive camber. Is this correct / common? Do I need to when them aligned properly? I...
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    EUC Cleared ! Need help with recovery from Fort Hood, TX to Denver, CO

    Just wanted to let you all know that my EUC cleared and I can now pick up my babe !
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    Can Hummer H2 wheels be mounted on hmmwv m998?

    Can hummer h2 17 inch - 8 bolt pattern alloy wheels be mounted on HMMWV m998 ? Looks like the bolt pattern is the same. Thanks in advance.
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    Do HMMWVs / m998s pass emissions test?

    I was wondering if HMMWVs / m998s pass emissions tests? Is 6.5 L any better than the 6.2 L engine as far as emissions go? Going by the pictures on GP, I did not notice any of the HMMWV m998s with DPFs. Anybody put a DPF on ? Thank you in advance.
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    After market seats or alternate seats for HMMWV / m998 ?

    Is it possible to switch out the military seats for after market seats? Would a comfy car seat fit in the space available? Has anybody done this? if yes, can you please share pictures? Thanks in advance.
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    Tips to short list HMMWVs up for auction on Gov Planet

    I was wondering if folks wouldn't mind sharing what to look for when short listing HMMWVs for bidding on. I am guessing 1. HMMWVs with 6.5L are worth a little more than ones with 6.2L ?? 2. HMMWVs that can start on their own are worth more than one that need to be jump started ?? 3. HMMWVs...
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    Does the odometer reading mean much on the old HMMWVs at Gov Planet auction?

    I been looking on Gov Planet and I see that some HMMWVs have only a few thousand miles. Do these odometer readings mean much? If the odometer readings don't mean anything, how would the military keep track of the vehicle usage and maintenance ? Thanks in advance.
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