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    Bumper Markings

    Can someone tell me what the correct color is for the background for bumper markings? Looks like sand to me but a proper Mil-spec paint would really help me out. My recently purchased M1009 has had the bumpers painted over, not sure if the original markings are even under the paint without...
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    Eastern Surplus to Findlay OH

    Wondering if anyone is in the area of Eastern Surplus and travelling over to Armed Forces Day in Findlay OH in a couple weeks? May have a couple light weight items looking for a ride. Cash for transport help. Chris
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    Gilbert PA 2017

    Does anyone know the confirmed dates for the Gilbert PA 2017 show and swap? Planning vacation time! Thanks
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    PRC-77 help...

    I have 2 PRC-77 radios. They were bought "as-is" but apparently work, or are supposed to... I have fresh batteries for them, NOS antennas and bases and a used handset for each. Both radios will fire up, volume controls work, lights light up etc. I have tried to transmit with both, using the...
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    2HN Batteries?

    Does anyone know the modern equivilant in a maintenance free type battery? I am looking for a series number that is close to correct as possible in size and location of terminals etc.
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    USMC Veh Marking

    I have come across an origianl marking on my M274 mule. It is USMC and painted on the gas tank. it is the number 2235 and has a v mark under neath and above (inverted) the number. I think that different regiments or bases perhaps used these as identifiers. I would like to learn where and to whom...
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    Blasting Aluminum

    I have recently aquired a M274A5 mule. It needs to be stripped of paint to bare aluminum. What are my best solutions for doing this? I have used sandblast in the past on steel but knw it is very agressive on aluminum. Should I be looking at soda blast or is sandblast OK with the correct sized...
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