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    Power Terminal Block...? More info Anyone?

    Hey guys, I bought this terminal block a few years ago and I forgot what my application was going to be with it... I think it had something to do with taking 28V to 12v-5v via (Hall Effect) fuses on two blocks (input-output) voltages. Is it step down transformation or something else? Forgive me...
  2. J

    What we did with 5-ton @Rednecks With Paychecks, Saint Jo, TX

    Okay, had a great time for sure. Not for those who can't handle a bunch of rednecks, horse power, loud music, mud slinging, booze, naked breasts etc... This isn't the place to take grandma. I'm sure there were a few baptisms and worship gatherings held there today. Actually, everyone was very...
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    Air Ride Seats - best place to tap-in for running air to seats?

    Got to hook up my air-ride bucket seat. Not too familiar with M929 auxiliary air layout yet. Need to tap in 1/4 pvc line to emergency air line. Haven't looked yet, but maybe there is a aux valve under the driver's dash like there is on the M809 series. Even though, that might not be the best...
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    Front end axle boots leaking both sides

    Both of my front end ball-joints are leaking oil. Left side just a little bit, the right side looks like a seal is out. I'm sure this has something to do with filling them up with oil a few weeks ago. I haven't searched the forum yet for HOW-TO answers, but I will. I took possession of this...
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    M939 Series Protective Control Box Work Around

    I've got a bad control box on my M929/A1. I knew it was the control box, but I went ahead and did some electrical tests on the ignition switch to the neutral start switch etc... There is no 566 lead to the alternator for lock-out on this truck. So, I had a spare control box WSU 4001UT which came...
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    M929/A1 Spare Tire Carrier Boom?

    What is needed to complete the spare tire hoist etc...? There is no boom or hoist winch on a 929, just the flange plate covering the vertical tube. Do you attach the same hoist kit, or come up with something custom? Looks like a trip to Harbor Freight my be the best option. I need to be able to...
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    Hard Shifting Tranfer IN/OUT of high/low sometimes - M929/A1 w/Allison

    I searched the forum on "hard transfer case shifting" and found a lot of good discussion on the topic. Maybe what I am experiencing is normal operation, but thought I would ask the question again. I'm not sure that I am having any problems but here's how my truck acts when you shift from high to...
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    Needing M929/A1 hot water heater core replacement

    Anyone have a suggestions on a heater core replacement other than mil-spec original? Maybe someone has tried a rear passenger heater core from a Suburban or other vehicle? Sounds like my original can't be fixed, but I'm going to get a second opinion. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  9. J

    MEP-003A Facet Fuel Pump Electrical Lead Question (inline fuse?)

    Is this a special type fuse attach to each Facet fuel pump? I can't find any information on this part in the TM. Obviously, it is an OEM part of the Facet pump assembly. I damaged the one on my auxiliary fuel pump. They are filled with light oil. Looks like some type of explosive proof fuse to...
  10. J

    M929A1 Rear Axle Heat Difference

    Thought I would ask for diagnoses advice, but I will search the forum for any threads related to possible cause for excessive heat difference on one hub. My right rear hub is much hotter to the touch others. All others are normal. At this time I have the axle removed, ready for the inspection of...
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