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    Buying A BTR 60

    I been doing my research on the BTR 60 and BRDM 2, but I noticed someone said that the BTR 60 can't be made street legal because of its width, but I also got information from which said they can get plates for a BTR 60. Do...
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    Buying a BRDM 2

    I'm looking for a site to buy a running BRDM 2 at a affordable price. I'm looking to get one for about 10k or under, I'm expecting the shipping to cost upwards of 6,000 - 7,500 $ USD to get it imported into the United States. So far I only know of mortar investment, but I'm barely seeing any...
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    BRDM 2 Purchasing & Engine Conversion

    What is the most reliable site I can get a BRDM 2? It doesn't have to be cosmetically good, I'm just looking for one that runs and function properly for as cheap as possible. I contacted mortar investment and was offered one for a little over 9,000$ and over 6,000$ to import. Is there any other...
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