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    I'm not seeing where I am wrong...Info Please!

    I have an 803a and doing a motor swap. For the life of me I can't find in the manuals anywhere on how to remove the gen set from the engine adapter plate. I have through studs from the rear of the gen set to the adapter plate and fastens securely there and have bolts on the flywheel but not...
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    803 vs central air go

    Well hurricane preparations are in order and have things to a point i feel ok with. So when i hooked the gen up to the house and gave a test run I wasnt really happy with the result. At first I had the a/c off and checked for everything and see where my load will be on the gauge. It was...
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    Mep-8xx 400Hz to 60Hz conversion

    Has anybody converted a 400hz gen to a 60Hz. What all would be required...gen head, frequency transducer, Hz gauge, and load meter. I picked this unit up not making power but runs. Got it home and making power now but the Hz gauge isnt working. I have 112ac on one side of the transducer but...
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    The -803 is finally home

    Well i got off work this morning and got to it. Started by checking all the wire connections and making sure they were secure. Then i proceeded to install the quad fuse. Still waiting on the shipper to get the mov shipped to me. Checked all the fluids just to see where they are. The engine oil...
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    Newbie with an -803a

    Hi all and thank you for having me on this site. since I moved to FL and so happened to be the week hurricane IRMA hit. I had to quickly learn how to live, being on a generator. As if the 1000 mile move wasn't stressful enough (not mention made the trip 5 different times) I had no job and...
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