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  1. cucvrus

    Runaway starter

    I agree with the use the starter bolts over. And honestly I seldom torque starter bolts. After doing things so long I have mind to know what tight is and what over tight is. I torque head bolts and other fasteners without fail. Loose starter bolts will break and starters without the correct shim...
  2. cucvrus

    Runaway starter

    To look at ring gear/flex plate you need to remove the bottom cover. As to why it is staying engaged I suspect you have issues in the wiring. If it gets stuck out in the gear it could be the starter. I know nothing about the current condition of anything on your vehicle. It may be simple. It...
  3. cucvrus

    Runaway starter

    When I try starting it and it continues to crank it doesn’t sound crisp or easy at all. It’s a shreel noise that makes you grit your teeth and pray nothing is about to snap in half. After hearing that description and giving it some thought you may have a bad ring gear. It could be deformed and...
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