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    1031 gets new interior

    Ok nice. That's what I have in mind for my build. Is there a particular adhesive you have had good luck with? I have a can of 3M "headliner adhesive", but I haven't tried it yet
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    1031 gets new interior

    Can you share details on your headliner construction and mounting? I would like to do something similar in my M1009
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    Mounting an AC compressor on stock 6.2?

    What are you doing for lights? High beams on, I bet the stock lighting circuit draws 20A at 12v. For OP (converted to 12v), I would recommend what others have suggested. Try to find a 6.2/6.5 in a junkyard with brackets for an A6 compressor. You'll need brackets shown at the link below...
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    Lift Pump Leak

    Has anybody ever seen a lift pump leak externally? I replaced it in 2018 and the truck starts and runs fine, and I don't have oil getting into the crankcase. There is a small amount of diesel dripping down off the bottom of the engine, and I know the injector pump is leaking (saving up for a...
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    Never ending front brake problems

    Good suggestion. I didn't think of that, and I'll check it out tonight. If it's just a bad master cylinder that would be an easy fix.
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    Never ending front brake problems

    Good idea. I did try that last night. Unbolted the master cylinder completely and hug it from the hood. The calipers were still stuck. I didn't look at the brake pedal itself yet, but with the master cylinder unbolted I would expect the caliper to release if the pedal/linkage was the...
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    Never ending front brake problems

    At this point, nothing sounds stupid to me... Even if the rotors had massive runout, wouldn't it just push the piston back into the caliper until the point of highest runout on the rotor clears the pads? When the caliper was first installed (dry) there was over 0.060" clearance between the...
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    Never ending front brake problems

    Slide pins are brand new, and greased. Before I filled and bled the hydraulic system there was plenty of space between the pads and rotor and the hubs spin freely, and I could move the caliper back and forth on the slide pins with 1 finger. Since the first time I pressed the pedal, the...
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    Never ending front brake problems

    I'm having a terrible time trying to get the front brakes working on my m1009. Both front calipers won't fully release and are constantly dragging. I just replaced the calipers thinking they may have had corrosion I the bores or something. Also replaced the pads and had the rotors turned and...
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    14 Bolt in a m1009

    Edit: I just realized this is an11 year old zombie thread the previous poster just revived. I'm leaving my reply up in case it helps save another CUCV sometime in the future 🙂 Honestly I would not spend the time to do that swap on a 1009. A 14bff is a monster of an axle, that is extremely...
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    CUCV Door Locks

    Lol "Wait to Start"
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    Headlight issue

    Check out F-13 and F-14 in the 289-20 TM. Power is supplied to the dash lamps from .5 GRA-8B (highlighted orange), and they ground through 8 BLK 150B (highlighted yellow). You can swap LEDs or anything else in here and they will work fine. The 12v source is in parallel with the heater panel...
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    Headlight issue

    You can get plug-in LED replacements for 194 style bulbs pretty cheap on Amazon and other places. I changed my cluster bulbs to LEDs and the improvement is massive. In the photos below I changed the 194 style incandescent bulbs in the factory gauge cluster out to LEDs, and did not make any...
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    Portable 24V Slave Battery Pack?

    I have an M1009, and I put a 200w solar array on the roof. Now I can run my 24v refrigerator, lights, phone/computer/radio chargers and whatever else I want forever without worrying about the batteries. I do a lot of camping and off roading, and its awesome to be able to leave the truck for...
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    NP208 Rebuild

    I have never done a 208, but I have done a 203, couple 205s, and an sm465 trans. Like other posters have said, the harbor freight transmission jack is worth the money even if you only do it once. The first 205 I did with a floor jack with some wood bolted to the top of it to make a platform...
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    Do you bench bleed the master cylinder?

    This is the 4th 70s/80s GM master cylinder replacement I have done (all on different vehicles, and all work well), and I have never bench bled a MC. Just put it on, connect the brake lines, vacuum bleed at each wheel using a venturi vacuum bleeder, and then take a break for half an hour or so...
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    Driver side marker light not working

    It never worked right since I bought the truck, and I have just been ignoring it. However, I think I figured it out and I am embarrassed to admit it took me this long. The ground path for the blue wires on the side marker bulbs is THROUGH the park lamp bulb. This is why the bulbs flash at...
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    Driver side marker light not working

    The bulb works in the socket on the other side of the truck. The grounds are good, and as far as I can tell there are no loose connections. The lamp is a single filament, 2 wire bulb and flashes when the turn signal is engaged. Unless I am overlooking something, this means the bulb, socket...
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    Driver side marker light not working

    I've been looking at F-13 and F-14 in the -20 TM for about 2 hours, but I dont understand what the diagram is saying. All passenger side marker and turn signals on the truck work. The driver side parking light and rear turn signal works, and the side marker light flashes when the turn signal is...
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    Nostalgic Air Brackets and Turbo

    Honestly, mostly superstition. I take this truck way out into the backcountry alone, and I can't run the risk of it breaking. I bought it in 2018 so it has 32 years of operational history I don't know anything about, and I think head gasket materials have come a long way since the 1980s...
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