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  1. Robo McDuff

    Possible new M51 owner!

    Lots of discussion going on making the 5-ton M39 series a dual circuit, but I think till now nobody here did it (or I missed the thread). I am preparing for it during the now starting repair period. Can you give a good link to a pinion brake set and do they work on a 5-ton? I saw some threads...
  2. Robo McDuff

    Possible new M51 owner!

    Please don't do that, a lot of work, a lot of problems, a lot of costs, and your truck will not an M51 anymore
  3. Robo McDuff

    Possible new M51 owner!

    Welcome to the dumpsters Looks exactly like mine. Yep, M51A2 Multifuel. Indestructible. Dump to tractor conversion: piece of cake, that is, if you rent a magnetic drill. Mine is switchable between dump truck and tractor, switching takes less than an hour, I need to streamline it...
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