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  1. red

    Possible new M51 owner!

    One if the companies that makes them, would need a different brake caliper (mechanical) Just one would be similar to the stock setup in good working condition, up to 4 can be mounted on the rear axles. For...
  2. red

    Possible new M51 owner!

    To convert the truck to m939 series airbrakes costs about $1000 in valves, fittings, and air lines. The valves are cheap, it's the hoses and fittings that get ya. Recently went through this on my m816 wrecker. That cost is not including the brake components at each hub. So unless you get a...
  3. red

    Possible new M51 owner!

    With the air intake on that side and the exhaust up high it should be a m51a2 (multifuel), could be either the 5 speed direct drive transmission or the 5 speed overdrive transmission. For your eventual camper plans it's easy to convert it over to a tractor. The PTO is driven by the transmission...
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