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  1. cucvrus

    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    My quick tip. May be accurate may be BS. But if the 30 amp light fuse holder has heat damage and has been altered in any way, Check that out. The same leg (power source) is serves the light fuse and the brake light fuse. I done an in line replacement of the light fuse and then discovered I had...
  2. cucvrus

    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    The turn signal travels through the same wire to the rear as the brake lamp signal. When I put a high mount 3rd brake lamp on an older civi/CUCV type vehicle I pick - up my brake signal at the brake lamp switch right under the dash at the brake pedal. Do you have current going in there and out...
  3. cucvrus

    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    That brake light has its own fuse. It is on the same leg in the fuse box as the service lights. Did you cut into the fuse box to bypass that troublesome 30 amp light fuse? If you did you may have cut the power to the brake lights. You will need to stick an inline fuse into that circuit also. I...
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