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  1. MarcusOReallyus

    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    Try some turpentine, or isopropyl alcohol, if you can find any. The same idiots that bought up all the toilet paper also went bonkers on that stuff. Tried to find some for a brake system flush the other day and found out the mindless wonders had cleaned it out. (And yes, to any reader who is...
  2. MarcusOReallyus

    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    Yep. Use silicone dielectric grease instead. That's what it's made for. Don't use one of the so-called "conductive" greases. They are not conductive, and they are made for AC power connections with aluminum connectors, not for low voltage DC work.
  3. MarcusOReallyus

    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    Are you using a meter or a test light?
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