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    Reviving a parked M1009

    That's my master cylinder from a few years ago as an example of "mixed DOT3/4 + DOT5" Hopefully HeisenBob's master cylinder is better. I fixed mine a few years ago :)
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    Reviving a parked M1009

    I'd only bother with this is the fluid is *not* normal (aka not clear). If it's clear or mostly clear and is mostly full.. leave it alone and you'll be fine for your journey. If the truck stops fine on hard stops and doesn't swerve or do anything weird, you'll be ok for a single journey. This...
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    Reviving a parked M1009

    Check your brake fluid. Make sure it's either "all DOT3/4" or "all DOT5". These come with DOT5 which is uncommon enough now-a-days they can easily get "topped up" with DOT3/4 by unknowing mechanics. I drove my "been serviced" M1009 home over a 120Mile butt-hole clenching night journey with...
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