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  1. LastFbody

    Does the TH400 have a "Limp Mode"?

    Ah, I didn't word that very well. An example of what I was trying to say is if I'm going 40, then slow down to 27 or so to make a gentle curve, then get back on the throttle the truck stays in 3rd and bogs down instead of downshifting. In that situation I've been manually shifting to 2nd and...
  2. LastFbody

    Does the TH400 have a "Limp Mode"?

    Sorry to necro here a bit. Cucvrus, you mentioned something about an electric switch near the pedal that causes the th400 to downshift that piqued my curiosity. Is there a proper name for that component? Mine might be broken based on how the truck doesn't like coming out of 3rd/2nd unless I'm...
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