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  1. Pat Gray

    Wanted : MKT90 corner deck supports and screen poles.

    Looking for the under deck corner supports and the poles that go around the out side of the deck for the screen cover. Any help would be great!! Thanks in advance!! Pat
  2. Pat Gray

    Won a MKT90 today on GSA!!! What %#$& do I do with it?

    Well I won a MKT90 today for $325.00 Any advice what to do with it first? Besides giving it a good cleaning!!! Thanks, Pat
  3. Pat Gray

    M35A2 Headlights just stopped working.

    Have a little problem with my Deuce. The headlights (both) and all the turn, marker lights just shut off. Is their a common problem with the lights? Thanks, Pat
  4. Pat Gray

    Will a pickup canopy fit on a M1101 trailer?

    Has anyone installed a truck canopy on a M1101 trailer? Thanks, Pat
  5. Pat Gray

    M200A1 Trailer. What to do?

    Just picked up a M200A1 trailer today and wondering what people have done with them. Water tank, flatbed, camper conversion? Anyone have any pictures what they have done?
  6. Pat Gray

    WTB M37 Winch Chain and Hook

    Anyone in the western Washington State have one for sale? Thanks, Pat
  7. Pat Gray

    Any Wrecking Yards with Military Vehicles in Western Washington?

    Looking for some deuce parts in Western Washington State. Any help would be great. Thanks , Pat
  8. Pat Gray

    Looking for fender mounted water heater for my M37B1

    Looking for the hot water heater for my M37B1. I have the defrost duct but need the rest. Any help would be great. Thanks, Pat
  9. Pat Gray

    Winch Gaskets and Seals

    I am looking for the Winch Brake housing front plate gasket. Who would have the gasket? Can't seem to find one. Thanks,
  10. Pat Gray

    Winch Cable Guide Bolts

    Do the winch cable guide brackets take the special bolts? Thanks,
  11. Pat Gray

    Need help from the experts. M35A2 Winch

    Hey everyone. Could you please help and let me know if the winch mounting brackets are good to use. I have seen differnt ones and just wondering if they are the same. Sorry for the extra pics...…. Thank you, Pat
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