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    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    Yes. 12 volts at the switch and the switch is good.
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    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    I haven't cut into the fuse box. Did check the 10amp brake light fuse - it is ok and there is power at the box. Next step check hazard switch. If that's ok I think I have an "open" wire somewhere... Fun
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    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    I have checked the brake switch - functioning properly (open when pedal is "up", closed when pedal is "down"). I will check that hazard flasher switch on the steering column next. Thanks again. Service light switch is turned on, all other lights functioning properly.
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    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    I used a multimeter to check for voltage. I used a PowerProbe to test the socket's (PowerProbe hooks up to the battery to power devices). With the multimeter I tried ground on the body at the tail lamp housing AND hooked a lead up to the negative post on the battery just to be sure. No voltage...
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    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    I lost power to my brake lights. All other lights are OK. After looking at the wiring manual, I checked the fuse box (12V at the terminal is OK, fuse is good) and the brake switch @ the pedal (brake switch functioning fine, 12V @ the switch is OK). Then I checked the sockets @ the lamp...
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    M1009 6" lift

    86m1028 is right... just dropping the transfer case as described (using the factory crossmember bolt sleeves as spacers) makes the front drive shaft angle WORSE. It can reduce rear driveline vibrations (depending on what the operating angles are)... but it adds stress to the front U joints and...
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    Fuel filter base question

    Me too - worked like a charm,
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    Radiator Fan Shut off

    Milky... I've had quite a few trucks and as you referenced earlier, the M1009 (as well as other trucks like it) is some of the cream of the crop as far as off road trucks go. Electric fans are the way to go for water crossing based on my (and many other's) experience... with waterproof wiring...
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    getting 65 mph with lower rpms ( lift and tire swap)

    The pickup trucks are usually higher in back before lifting (opposite of the blazers)... I'd recommend trimming the front fenders slightly, doing a ~2.5" front spring lift, and a 2" rear block. Dropped pitman arm or raised steering arm also and adjust your front bump stops as needed. The...
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    M1008 shackle flip & driveshaft help

    The diy4x comes with backing plates which is nice. Also, it uses different style shackle... So you'd need to buy that separately. Can't go wrong with either one, but my vote is diy4x.
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    M1008 rear u bolt size

    That is tooo funny! At least you tried!
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    how do u start your m1008

    I don't know where you can get a card... but a toggle or momentary switch hooked up to the GPR signal wire will work in a pinch. I use a switch instead of the card and hooked up the wait light so it shines when the GPR is engaged.
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    Horn sounds when fuse inserted and

    Well. I went to NAPA and asked for a horn relay for an 84K30. I cut the diode out of the factory harness. Works fine. I believe the schematic on the relay showed the diode in the circuit... it would be easy to incorporate that into the "black box" that is the relay... I can take a look at...
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    Horn sounds when fuse inserted and

    When mine did this, I went to Napa, got a relay with the diode integrated IIRC, and cut out the diode in my harness. Works good.
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    Rear Bearings

    Detroit locker does not require the additive per the information I received from a trusted mechanic.
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    Humvee tires and rims on CUCV

    If you don't want to trim any... I'd say 4" will not be enough. It will rub the rear corners of the front wheel wells when flexed and turned. Pushing the axle forward an inch should help some and may let you fit 36", but I don't think so. 37" no way.
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    seat interchange

    I used these buckets that are on sale right now at jeepswag. Good price for a brand new seat and I like 'em. Had to build a frame and was just seeing how those 4 point harnesses would fit in there... have to build a cage to use 'em.
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    rear load brake valve

    I was told by several people that the valve could just be ditched... but I was skeptical, so I took the linkage off the rear diff and it in the 100% bed loaded position (figured that was 100% pressure) for a test... WAY TOO MUCH REAR BRAKES. Dangerous. That was the case for my M1028... others...
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    Cucv exaust muffler

    x 2 on the borla mufflers. I have borla sportsmans on the burb and they are quality, sound great, and flow excellent.
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    Cucv exaust muffler

    I put cherrybombs on mine (longest 2.5" cherrybombs from autozone) with turndown tailpipes right after the muffler. Mine's not loud. The engine makes more noise than the exhaust for sure. I was expecting MUCH more "volume"... not much louder than stock on my truck.
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