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    Fuel gauge sender

    It would be nice to have a working fuel gauge in the goat. I'm guessing the sender is the likely problem, are they common to any other vehicles?
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    Temp Gauge

    Does anyone have an original temp gauge and sender they want to sell? Mine has an aftermarket gauge and it annoys me.
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    Will these work on a goat?

    Or are they too wide?
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    Parts Needed

    Hi all, I have just bought an M715 but it's missing the soft top frame, grill guard and all 4 lifting shackles, I'd appreciate any leads on finding replacements. Would need to get them to California for shipping. Thanks
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    The definition of frustration is........

    ........spending a full day greasing and servicing your goat only to have it break down on the test drive and leave you stranded.
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    Who can help an Aussie get some tires?

    My goat is now running well but the tires are so dry rotted that I'm afraid to drive it on busy roads, or go far from the house. I need to find 6 very good tires and get them to California, shipping to Aus from there is easy so long as the tires are clean, if they have dirt and dust on them...
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    Tailgate latch handles

    Mine are both broken, does anyone have a spare set they want to sell?
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    Electric winch on goat?

    Has anyone done it? I want to offroad my goat but would like a recovery option, getting an original winch isn't really an option due to shipping costs. I was thinking of fabricating a new bar for the front with a winch cradle in it for a 12,000lb electric winch but I'm not sure the 4 mounting...
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    Transfer case oiling

    I'm about to fit my rebuilt transfer case and have been thinking about the oil pump. The little bit of plastic tube is fine but a pain in the butt to access to see if the pump is working (hence why my goat has 1786 miles on it and the transfer is junk). Has anyone extended the piping to place...
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    Aussie goat needs new shoes

    As my goat edges closer to being road ready, I think the only thing that will make me fail my inspection is the age cracks in the tires. So I need 6 good ones, can anyone help? With the price of shipping to Aus they really need to be in excellent condition, also need to be able to get them to...
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    Need help with some part numbers

    Hi all, I'm chasing some goat parts from various vendors and have had a request for part numbers but am having trouble finding some numbers, can anyone help out with part numbers for the following? Canvas for cab (top and doors) Canvas for rear bed Rubber brake hoses Water pump belts...
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    Goat won't do over 30, help me!

    So after a number of weeks of stripping and rebuilding hubs and driveshafts, I finally got all the hubs back together last night. I couldn't resist bolting the brake drums on (no brake assemblies fitted) and going for a quick drive. I live in a rural area so there is really nothing to hit, and...
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    T/C Oil Pump Spring

    Hi all, I investigated the worn out input bearing on my transfer case today, the bearing is damaged due to lack of lubrication. I pulled the t/c oil pump and found it non functional due to a damaged spring. Can someone tell me the correct free length of the spring so I can source another one...
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    Gama Goat axle and hub seals

    I need some help finding seals, or useable part numbers for the wheel bearing seals and the seal for the axle through the hub. My local bearing places have tried to match them with no success. I need the full 12 bearing seals and 6 axle seals. Can anyone help me out?
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    Goat lubrication

    Can someone please confirm or deny for me that the correct oil for the gearbox, transfer case and diffs is just plain 80/90 gear oil? Also, how are the Uni joints greased, no way to get a grease gun onto the nipples. Thanks.
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    Another Aussie goat rescued

    It's been an exciting few weeks for goats in Aus with two changing hands and another "lost" one being located. Considering there is only half a dozen or so in the country that's fairly significant. I bought and collected my my new goat this week from Tasmania which involved a flight, a drive...
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