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    Infoon serial #...

    Hey, I found an old picture of my G-Grandfather in ww2 jeep with the serial number (W-2033031) on the hood. Is there any site you can go on to locate info on the jeep he was in, or a site where people list #'s for jeeps they restored to find a possible match? I know it is farfetched but I...
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    Anyone close to GA have an engine block?

    I have a 51 m37 with a cracked engine block. Anyone close have one for sale? Thanks!
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    Speed of the M37

    Hey, I have a 51 M37 and I was talking to a guy who has two m37. He swares that the M37 was made to only travel 35 MPH... He said he was trying to drive his 40-45 and blew the motor. Is this true? Also, I really need closeups of the dash of a correct M37. I think mine has been modified a...
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    M38A1 won't drive over 35 MPH... Help!

    Hey. I'm restoring a 52 m38a1 and lack knowledge with the mechanical aspect of it. I drove it to a local welder to install panels I bought and its top speed was around 35. At this speed, it shook really badly. Someone suggested that It was because 4x4 was engaged, but I do not believe it...
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    What paintdo I buy for my M38a1 and M37

    Hello. I have a 51 M37 and a 52 M38A1. It is getting time to but paint and I would like to buy all of the paint at one time. Could someone please recommend the color I ned to use. I am looking at Gillespie paints at the site below and can't decide between 2 colors...
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    Lot of ww2 vehicles in WA (response to post 2 years ago)

    A while back (2 years ago), a guy posted somthing saying he knew where alot of old ww2 vehicles were. In return for the location, he wanted 1000.00 Everyone went crazy over this fee and it caused alot of discussion. I emailed the guy for pics... He gave me "insight" on the location! :-) FOR...
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