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    MEP003A Starts, but then stops either when starter released or after about 20 minutes running

    I hope you didn’t find out the hard way that the switch was doing it’s job. My switch was faulty.replaced it and all is good now.
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    My 003a won’t stay running

    Ok guys,I found the time today to check things out. Jumped the lop switch and it fired right up! Robbed a switch off another motor and all is good. Also did a little pm and changed the oil and filter. Thanks for the help. You guys are great!
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    My 003a won’t stay running

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll checkout the sensors first chance i get. Oil pressure has always been good,but to be honest,I never looked when this started. I’ve got a couple of “take out” motors I can rob sensors from. What is “ lop”?
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    My 003a won’t stay running

    I was running my Mep 003 during a power outage when it suddenly quit. The fuel pump was still running/pumping,but the engine just stopped. I turned the start switch and it fired right back up and continued to run until I shut it off after the power outage (4 hours). Yesterday we had another...
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    New M998 Owner - White-Blue Smoke

    No,it’s not “normal”. Blue smoke indicates excessive oil consumption. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just check your oil level often.
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    Gearing up my M998 for Alaska

    Fuel distributors in northern climates “cut” their diesel with kerosene to combat “gelling”. The further north,the more kero is mixed. In all my years with heavy trucks,I never had any problems running the “cut”fuel available. However,with that said,I always added anti gel additives if the temps...
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    Axle broken? M998 front wheels not turning in shallow snow

    Seems everyone is dancing around your question. With a broken half shaft the power would follow the path of least resistance,ie,the the broken half shaft. No power to the opposite side. But by feathering the brake,you might have been able to engage the differential to send part of the power to...
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    Another stupid question

    This has been discussed in the past. The ratings on tires are the maximum psi allowed for the stated maximum loaded weight. In other words,unless you’re planing on carrying around a couple of thousand extra pounds,you would not inflate your tires to the maximum psi. Doing so would only give you...
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    Injection Pump Light Load Advance Plunger

    Had same issue. Get it rebuilt.
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    6.5NA HMMWV 3L80 to 4L80e

    Cheapest and fastest would be to replace/repair what you have. Your call.
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    Engine oil- Military or civilian?

    Although I have a HUGE dislike for shell as a company ( I’ve worked for them in the past),I continue to use their 15/40 rotella in all my engines. Gas and diesel.With that said,I believe any 15/40 diesel oil would be acceptable as most oil comes from the same handful of refineries. Just...
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    Humvee 6.5L engine block coolant plug

    I’ve got a GEP engine and International/AM General didn’t fix anything. The drain still plugs and will ruin the injection pump if water is not drained and left in the valley for a period of time. Don’t ask me how I know.
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    Picture airlift bumper mounted to front of a HMMWV??

    Mine came with this bumper and I’ve seen a few others listed for sale with this same bumper. Anyone have any idea where it originated from?
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    '42 GPW script Navy jeep

    It is my understanding that all jeeps delivered under contract to the navy during ww2 were od green. And the few that were repainted gray were more or less a field modification and only “showing surfaces” were painted gray. Therefore your chassis remaining green would be correct. This has been...
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    Drivetrain from early m998 to newer 6.5 turbo and 4l80e trans with new t-case

    Just curious,at what rpm in your opinion,is “over reving”?
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    T24 Weasel

    Interesting tracks. I’ve not seen anything like them. Do you know anything about them?
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    Wc52 clutch

    No special tools required to disassemble/assemble gearbox/transmission.
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    Wc52 clutch

    Sand blasting the clutch? reversed gear axle? lower axle? im confused as to what you are talking about. if you are talking about the transmission shafts,there are no pullers that I’m aware of or even needed.
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    Just purchases M1123, need hauling advice.

    I’m on board with every one else. I could probably give you more than a half dozen reasons why not to do this,but it sounds like you’ve already made up your mind.
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    New to me WC63

    Not sure what you mean by behind the front wheel,but if you are looking at the wheel from the side,it will be left of center. sometimes the vin #is very faint,and can be covered with paint.
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