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    I thought you guys might enjoy this.....

    It's really hard to watch but see if you can make it to when they try to weld steel to aluminum or when they weld a generator bracket to the frame 😱😱😱. Apologies if it's been posted, I haven't been here in a while.
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    Clunk Clunk Start and white smoke on startup

    So my '96 M1078 has begun making a few clunk noises before the starter engages. Doesn't happen every time but it happens more often than not. Runs great once started. First thought was bad batteries so I got 2 new one and tried just those 2 and got the same thing. I then hooked up 2 good older...
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    City owned LMTV

    So I'm heading to Tennessee this weekend to pick up an M1078 that a city purchased through the the Gov Surplus 1033 Program. If you're not familiar the 1033 Program it's the same program that state agencies use to buy MRAPs and grenade launchers for their police force. I realize all this stuff...
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    Cranked engine and engine swaps

    Cracked engine and engine swaps Hey guys. New guy here looking at a few LMTV's to buy and one says it has a cracked engine block at only 2000 miles. No other details. Is there a common place where the Cat 3116 crack or is it possible it was filled with water instead of coolant and cracked when...
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