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    Southern AZ to Ft. Hood and return, empty truck

    Southern AZ to Ft. Hood and return, empty M923 and trailer I am heading out to Ft Hood to pick up a trailer either 20 or 27 July. Will be taking a M923A2, Truck will be empty on the way out and will have empty 1073 flat bed trailer on the way back. Just throwing this out there for anyone that...
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    M923A2 Transmission drain plug thread size

    Anyone know what the thread size/pitch is for the Allison transmission drain plug? When I drain it the next time I want to install a Fumoto valve in there to make future services easier. I can measure this time but would rather get one on hand and have it to install. Thanks!
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    Air leak from Fan Clutch Actuator???

    Every time I shut my M923A2 off I can hear air venting from under the hood. Did some digging around and discovered there is a tiny vent hole on the Fan Clutch Actuator. This has been causing my air pressures to drop anytime I park. I also noticed that the fan immediately starts spinning when...
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    MKT without Roof Lifting Jacks

    Hi all, searched around and couldn't find much help. I am looking at a MKT-90 that says roof lifting jacks are missing/broken. Is this something I should be concerned with or is it something that can be easily fixed/repaired? My only experience with a MKT is eating out of one for almost a...
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    Wiper Motor exhaust Question

    Couldn't find my specific answer through searching and don't want to keep throwing money at parts. When I got my M923A2 from GP the wipers worked but had a constant leak of air from the exhaust port on the motor. My first question is, Is this normal, is air supposed to vent all the time from...
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    New member in southern AZ

    Hi all, been lurking for a bit, just bought a M923A2 through GP, love all the great info found here. Thanks to those that have helped thus far.
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