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    m1101 light not working when truck door is open

    Got my M1101 the other day. Got a cable from Eriks Surplus to convert from the military connector for the lights to my Ford F150. Works great. Except. When I open a door on the truck, the left light goes out. Just the left light. As soon as I shut the door, the left light comes back...
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    GD Cargo Bed Cover fit on a M1101?

    I am about to buy a M1101 trailer from a neighbor of my parents. I just bid on a General Dynamics Cargo Bed Cover for a HMMWV, one of these...
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    slip ring for turret? need power inside the turret

    So I've got a fake/replica(ish) tank. I am trying to get it restored/rebuilt and get it running. One of the things I'll need is an intercom system, but I'll also need power and such inside the turret to run a radio...
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    tank hull for sale locally, maybe a M551?

    This Sunday I'm going to look at a tank hull. The seller says it's WWII, but the picture looks like it's a M551 Sheridan, to me. Is that what it looks like to y'all? It's had the turret and everything else removed, the previous owner made a fake turret for his kids, then a few months ago...
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