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    M1008 Brake Light Problem

    I lost power to my brake lights. All other lights are OK. After looking at the wiring manual, I checked the fuse box (12V at the terminal is OK, fuse is good) and the brake switch @ the pedal (brake switch functioning fine, 12V @ the switch is OK). Then I checked the sockets @ the lamp...
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    Replacement low coolant module

    Anyone know who sells a replacement low coolant module? A serch didn't turn anyone up. Mine's bad on the M1008.
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    Front Parking light and printed circut board issues

    Hi all, I'm going through the electrical gremlins on my new truck. Can't wait til they're sorted out. My parking lights don't work (front)... I haven't finished troubleshooting, but connections and grounds at the lights look good. I noticed that I don't have provisions for a parking light...
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    Printed Circuit Board Plug wiring diagram

    Hi All, I'm currently troubleshooting my non-working gages/dash lights/indicators. I was looking at the wiring diagrams for the service lights... I found them a bit cumbersome (I'm still learning how to effectively use them). I'm looking for a complete wiring diagram of the plug on the...
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    NP 208 transfer case brace

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and to my M1008. They are both AWESOME!!! :beer: The M1008 has what appears to be factory dual exhaust on the 6.2. I've always been told that the brace (bar) running from the passenger side of an NP208 (attached by two large bolts running into the transfer...
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