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    Big problems - my shaking was a broken crankshaft!

    So I started a new thread to illuminate the importance of checking "shake" in Humvees. This was my first so I assumed it was normal. I removed my crank pulley and harmonic balancer this weekend, which by the way was a beeotch. Once removed I noticed the key channel was intact only toward the...
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    6.2 or 6.5 - What's really better?

    Ok, it's confirmed that I have the 6.2 in my 1994 Humvee. I understand the campaign that existed to upgrade the in-service 6.2s to 6.5s and 1994 was the last year to require it. Mine was never done. From what I understand there is a small increase in HP and torque and it is a "smoother"...
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    6.2 Motor Chirp - may be pulley bearing or vibration squeak

    My HMMWV is nearly restored and fully sorted. Enjoying it every day. However, I've now run into another bug: There is now a low RPM chirp coming from the engine area. It chirps at every revolution, so I do not think it's a belt (belts rotate slower due to size so I've seen most belt chirps...
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    Starter Motor Bolts - Which Ones?

    Ok my new HMMWV broke down on Friday. The starter bolts went snaparoo, leaving the threaded studs in the block. A quick drill out and replacement was easy. HOWEVER: There are numerous threads and surplus e-tailers selling "updated" bolts. The bolts in the descriptions do not match what read...
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    New M998 Owner - White-Blue Smoke

    I'm a new owner of a 1994 M998. Everything is excellent - no leaks, rust, etc. Problem is it smokes a bit at start. Looks like a bluish (oil?) but has a slight hint of white but mostly blue. I have seen youtube vids of trucks stressing in the mud exhibiting the same (if not worse) smoke in...
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